Hoverboards are the most advanced & portable self-balancing vehicles. Just a few drops of water can easily damage these mini electric vehicles. Due to its design and electric circuit involvement, you must be wondering that Can Hoverboards Get Wet? Are they waterproof? And what to do if the hoverboard gets wet? Let’s discuss these things.

Hoverboards are made partially water-resistant. But they are not meant to be washed. If they get wet by rain or dazzling. You should immediately turn off the power and keep the motherboard in the rice for 2-3 days. The rice will soak the water, and there are chances that your hoverboard is alive. 

You have got the simplest answer. Now, let’s discuss things related to hoverboards and water in detail so that you can save your expensive hoverboard. 


What To Do If Your Hoverboard Gets Wet?

Hoverboards are made water-resistant by the manufacturers. But they are not entirely waterproof like other electronics.

They are not just made for riding in the water, mud, or moisture area. And you have to be very careful while riding. You should not ride it everywhere and maintain a safe distance from the wet areas. 

What if you are riding on a dry road and suddenly it’s raining or dazzling. This is a problematic situation.

But don’t worry, hoverboard manufacturers claim that soft rain doesn’t harm the machine. But precaution is better than cure. 

If your hoverboard gets in contact with a large amount of water or something else. Then the first step should be to turn off its power immediately.

After turning it off, you have to extract the battery. And check if the water reaches the motherboard section.

What to Do If My Hoverboard Gets Wet

If yes, then it’s a crucial situation. There is a chance of saving your motherboard by keeping it in the uncooked rice for 48 to 72 hours. (Uncooked rice has the ability to soak moisture from everything).

However, every electronic device is different, but these simple tricks work well. 

If this doesn’t work, then you should consult the warranty provider. Or a hoverboard repairing lab immediately. 

There are many types of hoverboards available in the market. And the majority of them work the same way. But knowing more about your hoverboard is a smart move. 

Great things come with great responsibility. And being a hoverboard owner. You must know all about hoverboard’s common concerns, like riding instructions, water restrictions, and solutions.

How To Repair Water Damaged Hoverboards?

To repair any device, machine, or gadget, you first need to understand the problem.

A hoverboard is an electronic device that contains many different sensors, capacitors, and small accessories that run it smoothly.

A single drop of water can damage anything smaller or bigger in the hoverboard. 

When a hoverboard is not working correctly, and you know that it is damaged by water. The first thing that you should do is: turn it off immediately.

Then closely look at all holes where water can get into the board and determine whether water gets into the hoverboard or not. If yes, then it is a problem.

How to Repair Water Damaged Hoverboards

Now, open the main body of the hoverboard and immediately unplug the battery and check if water gets in touch with the battery or not.

Unplug the motherboard from all relays and sensors and determine if it gets in touch with the water? If yes, then immediately soak the water with a tissue or fabric towel and keep the motherboard in a bowl of uncooked rice for the next 48-72 hours.

If the motherboard is safe from the water, but the battery comes in contact with the water, you should immediately keep it in the rice.

The rice will soak all moisture from the motherboard or battery, and there will be a strong chance that your hoverboard will recover. 

You can keep all other electronic components in a bowl of rice to soak water. After completely soaking the water from all parts, now plug them back and check if it turns ON.

It will work as this is a very effective way of saving a water-damaged hoverboard. 

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How Does Hoverboard Work, And How To Take Care Of It?

Hoverboards are considered mini electric portable vehicles. They can be used to hustle and travel short distances with style. There are two small wheels with motors that are powered by powerful rechargeable batteries. 

Moreover, there is an electronic motherboard that is the brain of the hoverboard. It controls the movements, speed, directions, and rotations of the wheels.

How To Take Care Of Your hoverboard

The motherboard is programmed in a way that it gets instructions from the rider and performs accordingly. 

A person stands on the hoverboard in the middle. And controls it through forwarding & Backward motions.

The motherboard senses the movement by the rider and controls the speed and directions accordingly. This is the simplest explanation of how a hoverboard works.

The biggest problem with an electronic device is water damage. Similarly, the hoverboard’s biggest problem is water. So, keep it away from water & moisture and enjoy riding it every day.

Taking Care Of Hoverboard

There are some simple steps that you can follow and take care of your favorite hoverboard.

  • Ride only on a dry and smooth surface such as Road, Driveway, Street, etc.
  • Always keep a distance from wet surfaces while riding
  • Do not ever ride it in rain
  • Do not ride it on snowy roads or streets
  • Clean it regularly
  • Charge it before riding
  • Do not let its batteries go dead

Can You Ride a Hoverboard In the Rain?

The absolute answer to this question is No. As I have stated above, a hoverboard has various sensors, and water can easily damage them. And riding it in the rain is very dangerous because rainwater can penetrate the hoverboard from any direction.

This can eventually damage the wheel motors, batteries, and even the motherboard. Without a motherboard, a hoverboard is just like a simple skating board with wheels without any power. So, do not ride it in the rain if you love your expensive hoverboard. 

Can You Ride A Hoverboard In The Snow?

Absolutely not; you can’t ride your hoverboard in the snow. First of all, a hoverboard needs a smooth & straight surface to run on, and snow doesn’t have that facility.

Hoverboards can’t work on weak or rough surfaces because the batteries and the wheel motors are very small. They produce very little torque.

To climb a simple hike, they need heavy torque which its batteries can’t produce enough. So, they can’t ride in the snow.

Moreover, the second reason is moisture in the snow. You know moisture can eventually damage the sensors and motherboard of the hoverboard.

Therefore, riding it in the snow can increase the chances of moisture damage. 

Many hoverboard manufacturers claim that you can ride it on the snow. But they do not accept a moisture/water damage warranty.

Do you know why? Because hoverboards are not completely waterproof. Therefore, moisture or water can kill your machine within a few minutes. 


Hoverboards are extremely sensitive to water. I’ve covered several important water damage issues and their solutions. Such as what to do if your hoverboard gets wet? Should you ride it in the snow or rain? How to repair a water-damaged hoverboard? And some general maintenance/take care advice. These were the most significant issues for which I have provided solutions.

If you’re having any further issues with your hoverboard, please let me know. Tell me in the comments box below, and I’ll find the best solution for you.