Jetson hoverboard beeps can be problematic. Your Jetson hoverboard is beeping, and you are wondering about how to fix it? What are the steps to improve your hoverboard’s beeping issue on your own? Let’s discuss this in detail.

You can fix your jetson hoverboard’s beeping by keeping its battery full of charge and calibrating or resetting it. Do not ride it at maximum speed as it also causes the beeping, nor ride it at below 20% battery. If the issue persists, check balance sensors and fix them.

In this guide, you will learn why your jetson hoverboard beeps. What are the different reasons behind beeping hoverboards? What are the possible ways to fix this problem? Is jetson’s hoverboard’s beeping a problem? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Jetson Hoverboard Is Beeping.

The electronic device can beep due to three main reasons. When it beeps, you can hear the beeping sound coming from the inner side of the hoverboard. The sound is produced just to inform you about the condition of the jetson hoverboard.

You can judge the situation and fix the problem with little effort. Let’s discuss in detail the reasons behind the Jetson hoverboard’s beeping and the possible ways to fix it.

Beeping When The Battery Is Low

The jetson hoverboard starts beeping when its battery is less than 20%—almost all jetson hoverboards beep to remind you to charge your hoverboards. Depending upon the model of the Jetson hoverboard, you can troubleshoot and fix the charging problem.

  • Some models of Jetson hoverboards have indicator lights on them. It turns on when the battery comes down to 20%.
  • Some Jetson hoverboards have three indicator lights on them. When the battery is lower than 20%, the hoverboard beeps, and one light turns on among the three indicator lights on the hoverboard.
  • The Jetson hoverboards with the Bluetooth speaker can produce a low battery sound.

When you are sure about the battery, it needs to be charged. Then you can fix this issue by plugging the charger into the hoverboard. Keep on charging until the battery is 100%. The battery takes time to get fully charged, depending upon the model of the jetson hoverboards. But remember, do not overcharge your hoverboard.

Beeping When Exceeds The Speed Limit

A Jetson hoverboard starts beeping when you ride it and exceeds the upper-speed limit. Thus it is not recommended to ride the hoverboard at full speed. Various models have the ride adjustment mode, and you can adjust the correct mode. At the same time, others do not have the speed adjustment mode.

When a hoverboard beeps during a ride, it means you are riding it on the upper-speed limit. You need to lower the speed if your hoverboard is equipped with speed adjustment mode. You can adjust the mode according to your desire. Three different speed adjustment modes are:

  • Beginner (slow speed usually for kids and new to hoverboards)
  • Intermediate
  • Advance mode (the fastest mode for experts)

Another option is to fix the problem by using the ride jetson app on your mobile phone via Bluetooth. If you are riding on the upper-speed limit of intermediate mode, there is a quick way to shift the mode onto the advanced mode or simply slow your speed.

Beeping When The Hoverboard Is Not Balanced

Sometimes, the hoverboard is unbalanced and needs to be fixed for a balanced and smooth ride. There may be two possibilities that your hoverboard is beeping and not working correctly.

  • Wheels are not aligned and stuck.
  • The balance sensor is not functioning correctly.

Riding the hoverboard with this beeping sound can disturb the others, and you cannot enjoy the smooth ride. So, fixing the problem is the utmost task. Here you need to calibrate the hoverboard by following the five simple and easy steps.


Turn off the Jetson hoverboard. If you are using the remote, you need to power off the hoverboard by using the power button. The remote does not turn off the hoverboard. When you use the remote to turn off your hoverboard, it goes to sleep rather than completely off.


Place the Jetson hoverboard on the leveled and flat surface to keep both wheels on the same level. Do not step on the hoverboard or put any weight on the hoverboard. It will not calibrate your jetson hoverboard correctly. If the hoverboard is not calibrated correctly, it will create problems repeatedly.


Press the power button on the hoverboard and hold it for 5 seconds until it flashes. The LED lights start flashing. You can hear the beeping sound also. But here, you need to ignore the lights and sounds. Now leave the hoverboard in this situation for about 20 minutes.

Depending upon the models of Jetson hoverboards, the time can vary from 10-20 minutes. It is necessary for the hoverboard to take some time while being calibrated. Your hoverboard will get time to prepare and regain the previous conditions of functioning correctly.


After a few seconds, turn your hoverboard on. Your hoverboard shows the red light for a few seconds and then shifts to the green light. Now it is the indication that your hoverboard is calibrated correctly.

What If The Jetson Hoverboard Is Not Calibrating?

Suppose your hoverboard is neither calibrating nor working, and it is still beeping while turning on. It may be due to a false calibration method and some internal faults. Balance sensors are located under the footpads of hoverboards. If they are broken, they cannot work correctly and get stuck to one side of the hoverboards.

You can replace the balance sensors in your hoverboard with care and little troubleshooting. If you are new to the hoverboard, do not do this independently. Go to a professional hoverboard technician.


It is very easy to calibrate the Jetson Hoverboard while not leaving your home or spending money on expensive hoverboard technicians. All you need to do is, push the power button on your Jetson hoverboard for 5 to 10 seconds, and when lights start to flash, leave it for 10 to 20 minutes. The hoverboard will be automatically calibrated, and you will be able to enjoy riding it.