Hoverboards are one of the advanced mini-vehicles of this era. But, they also have some flaws that can cause you trouble.

Most of the Hoverboards are water-resistant, not waterproof, and that is why it is not recommended to take them into water or rain. But there are some situations where you can’t save your Hoverboard from water or moisture, which causes your Hoverboard to get wet and won’t stop beeping.

Let’s discuss the possible reasons behind this particular problem, and I will explain their solutions.

If your Hoverboard got wet and won’t stop beeping, immediately turn it off by pressing the power button or unplugging the battery. Now soak all the moisture or water from inside and outside and give it a try. If it is still beeping, then Calibrate it by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

This is the simplest solution that you can try to fix your beeping hoverboard. If it doesn’t work and the Hoverboard still beeps. It means that the water has damaged its parts and you have to try other solutions.

Following is a complete guide for this problem; it includes some immediate steps, common problems that cause a wet Hoverboard to beep, and their solutions.

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Hoverboard Got Wet And Won’t Stop Beeping – What To Do?

First of all, you have to immediately turn off the Hoverboard and cut off the battery power. Water and the current can cause the short circuit and damage the motherboard and other components inside the Hoverboard.

So, press the power button immediately to turn it off. If that doesn’t work, open the Hoverboard’s body and unplug the battery.

Now thoroughly examine all parts inside and outside and soak the water or moisture from everywhere. After this, give it a try; if the Hoverboard still beeps, then you can try the following fixes and revive your self-balancing scooter.

Wet Hoverboard Won’t Stop Beeping – Reasons & Fixes

Water is a poison for electronic components; once it gets in touch with the electronics, there are huge chances that it will cause trouble.

If you have tried the above basic solution on your Hoverboard but unfortunately, it is still beeping. It means that water has damaged some parts of it and you have to disassemble it and try the following solutions according to the situation.

Wet Hoverboard Won’t Stop Beeping – Reasons & Fixes

Below are some possible reasons and solutions to fix the issue.

Fault In Motherboard

This is the most common and significant reason behind a water-damaged hoverboard beeping. The motherboard is a complex sum of different small and big electronic items.

When water comes in touch with the motherboard connected with the battery, there are higher chances of short circuits and destruction of components.

So, if your Hoverboard got wet and after trying the above solution, it is still beeping, then its motherboard could be the reason behind it.

Solution: Open the Hoverboard and disconnect the battery and all other wires connected to the motherboard.

Now, take it out and thoroughly examine the surface. If you feel any moisture or water, then soak it with soft paper tissue. After that, check if there is any sign of a short circuit or burn; if yes, you need to get it repaired to replace the motherboard with a new one.

If there are no signs of water damage or a short circuit, then there are chances that your motherboard is in good health.

Now, take a bowl of uncooked rice and keep the motherboard covered in the rice for 48-72 hours. The rice will soak every dip of water from the motherboard and make it completely free from moisture.

Now take out the motherboard and plug it into the Hoverboard. Give it a try; it will solve the beeping issue. If there is still a problem, then there are chances that the other parts are also damaged by water. So, move on to the next solution.

water might have entered in the hoverboard

Sensors Malfunction

After trying the above solution, if the Hoverboard is still beeping, you need to examine all the sensors. The Hoverboard consists of many sensors that assist it in riding smoothly.

Water can damage the sensors since they are electronic components and can easily get damaged. All the sensors in a hoverboard are connected to the motherboard so that if one sensor fails, the motherboard will not operate Hoverboard.

That is why it beeps to inform you about the component failures.

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Solution: Open the Hoverboard’s body and locate all the sensors. You can read the manual book and find the location of the sensors from there.

Now check all the sensors one by one for burn or water damage signs on the sensors. When you find the damaged sensor, soak the water or moisture and keep it in the bowl of rice for 24-48 hours. After that, plug it in and turn ON the Hoverboard. It will probably solve the issue.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to replace the sensor with the new one. You can order the new sensors from your hoverboard brand. The new sensor will solve the issue if there is still beeping—you may need to try the following solution then.

Jammed Wheels & Motors

Water insertion may cause Hoverboard’s wheels and motors to get jammed. When the sensor sends a signal to the motherboard, it will power the motors and run the wheel.

When they are jammed, the motherboard will play a beep that indicates something is wrong with the components, and the motherboard cannot run the Hoverboard.

Solution: In this case, there are two solutions, one is to replace the wheel motor, and the other one is to try the following method.

First of all, you have to calibrate the Hoverboard. For this, follow the given steps.

  • Turn Off the Hoverboard and keep it on the Level Surface.
  • Press the power button for 3 to 10 seconds until the light starts flashing
  • Now, wait for the lights to stop flashing. It will take a few minutes only
  • After lights stop, power off the Hoverboard and wait for a few minutes
  • Now turn ON, and your Hoverboard is calibrated successfully

Now check it by taking a ride; it will surely solve the issue. If there is still beeping, then there must be other issues behind it. So, move on to the following solution.

Jammed Wheels & Motors

Internal Short Circuit

Another big reason behind hoverboard beeping is Internal Short Circuit. When water comes in contact with the internal electronics, it causes a short circuit between the wires and the components.

Due to this, many wires will be burned, or malfunction and the connected components will stop working. This causes Hoverboard to beep while you turn it on.

Solution: Open the Hoverboard’s body and manually check all the wires. If you see any burned or torn-out wires, you have to unplug and repair them carefully.

You can either replace or repair the wires if you want. But, repairing is not recommended because it may cause problems in the future. So, replace the wires carefully and turn ON the Hoverboard again.

If still, it beeps, then perform a quick hoverboard calibration once. Sometimes, wires malfunction can cause connection disruption between the components and due to which calibration goes out.

After calibration, the beeping problem will be solved, and the Hoverboard will be ready for you to ride.

Battery Failure

Sometimes Hoverboards beeps due to battery failure; the beep is a kind of indication for the user to let them know that something is wrong with the Hoverboard.

Almost all Hoverboards have Lithium-Ion batteries that are considered fragile. When water comes in contact with the battery, it will harm the battery cells.

So, battery failure could be one of the reasons behind your hoverboard beeping.

Solution: The simplest solution to this issue is to replace the battery with the recommended one by Hoverboard’s brand.

You can order the new one by the brand and remember, always choose the recommended battery. Because hoverboards and their battery is a very controversial topic due to their explosion history. So, do not use other cheap batteries to save some money; it may harm your Hoverboard, you, and your property.

After replacing a battery, it is recommended to perform a quick calibration and make better use of your Hoverboard. Besides, it will also solve the battery failure and beeping issue.

hoverboards won't stop beeping due to battery failure

External Ports Error

This is the most common reason behind your hoverboard beeping. When your self-balancing scooter gets wet, people mostly worry about the internal water penetration, and they just wipe out the external moisture or water.

But, this is wrong; the water on the internal side can harm the external ports like the Charging Port of the Hoverboard; it can cause a short circuit, leading to the Power Components failure.

So, if your Hoverboard is continuously beeping and the power button is also not working. This could be due to the external ports error.

Solution: Water in the external ports of the Hoverboard is a complex issue. Firstly, you have to soak all the moisture inside the ports.

For this, you can place the Hoverboard in a position where the affected port direction is downward. This will assist water to get out of the port with the help of gravity.

After that, keep the Hoverboard in the direct sunlight while pointing the charging port directly toward it. Keep it for 2-3 hours; depending on the situation, the water will naturally evaporate, and the charging port will be alright.

Now, turn ON the Hoverboard and check, the beeping will be stopped, and the Hoverboard will be ready for you to ride.


Hoverboards are just like other electric vehicles. They break down, malfunction, and can be repaired easily. The most common problem that most people face in their Hoverboard is beeping.

Especially when you take your Hoverboard outside, and it gets wet due to any reason—Hoverboards beep when some sensors, electric components, batteries, or motherboards are not working properly.

Beeping is an alarming sound that indicates that something is not good with the Hoverboards, and the user should not drive it. All the hoverboards are equipped with the same kind of components, and water can damage anything inside once it gets there.

That is why I have written a repairing guide for each component of the Hoverboard when it got water damaged. The first step to stop the beeping should be to Turn Off the Hoverboard by immediately pressing the power button. It will save the other components from getting damaged.

So, this was a detailed guide on how to fix your Hoverboard when it gets wet and won’t stop beeping. This guide includes several reasons behind the beeping sound, and I have also provided the solution to the given reasons/problems.