Riding your hoverboard, it suddenly starts beeping. You might wonder what is wrong with your hoverboard? Why is it beeping? Hearing the continuous beeping might worry you about your hoverboard.

Swagtron hoverboards sometimes make sounds that trouble you. This beeping sound is to warn you. It could be because of the low battery. Or the main reason could be if the hoverboard is not calibrated properly. This beeping sound indicates some problem that needs to be resolved.

The beeping sound produced by the Swagtron hoverboard can be due to some other reason as well that we will ponder here. And the solution to all those problems is mentioned here so that you can act according to the situation instead of panicking. 

Reasons For A Swagrtron Hoverboard Beeping

If your Swagtron hoverboard starts beeping out of nowhere, you are clueless and don’t know why that is so. Some reasons are described for you to know that a beeping sound can be produced due to all this, and you can then manage it accordingly.

  • If your battery is low, the hoverboard starts beeping to indicate to the rider about it.
  • If the hoverboard exceeds the speed limit, it beeps to inform you about the danger it can cause.
  • If you ride your hoverboard on an extremely terrain surface where it can go completely out of angle, your hoverboard might warn you by beeping. So you might not fall down by imbalancing.
  • The hoverboard can also beep if there is any problem with the motherboard.
  • Loosening of wire can also be the reason for continuous beeping of the hoverboard.

How Do You Fix A Swgtron Hoverboard Beeping? 

The main solution that a rider can perform immediately when the Swagtron hoverboard starts beeping is to calibrate the hoverboard. It will surely help you fix the problem, and the beeping will be stopped. 

Now you might wonder how a Swagtron hoverboard is calibrated? A proper detailed procedure is given for you so that you can solve your problem without any delay.

  • Ensure that the hoverboard is placed on a flat surface and adjust the tires to bring it to the same level. 
  • Press the power button and hold for 10 seconds. The LED light will flash on the board, turning off the device. 
  • Please wait for 30 seconds and do not touch the hoverboard as it goes through a calibration process. 
  • Turn on the hoverboard by pressing the power button when it is done.
  • There is no more beeping sound, and the hoverboard is ready for the ride. 

If still, the beeping sound is there, you can recalibrate the hoverboard 5 times. If the sound is still there, it might be possible there is some problem with the motherboard. If you have a hoverboard warranty, you can claim it. It is better to seek professional help in such conditions so no harm is caused to the hoverboard. 


So, I hope you have get the answer of your problem “Why does my Swagtron hoverboard keep beeping?” A hoverboard is an electrical device, and these devices often cause issues. Swagtron hoverboards beep to warn you of the dangers that can harm you and the hoverboard. It also beeps if there is an internal issue. Several situations can make the Swagtron hoverboard beep, and this beeping can be stopped just by recalibrating the hoverboard.