Did you just fulfill your wish of buying a good hoverboard? You might have searched enough to buy a hoverboard from the Swagtron company? But you don’t know anything about it? No need to worry. It’s always the first time. 

As a beginner, you might not know the basic things about the hoverboard. To use a Swagtron hoverboard, place it on a flat surface and turn it on by pressing the power button placed on the side of the hoverboard with the charging port. 

Trying any new thing always needs proper guidance. In the beginning, you might not know many things and find difficulty in learning. But with a little bit of help and relevant information, you will eventually learn and become a pro. 

Where Is The Power Button On The Hoverboard?

Unboxing your new Swagtron hoverboard and excited to give it a try? But you are not aware of its functions or how it starts. 

On the hoverboard, you will see a button on the side of the hoverboard. It is of silver color in many hoverboards and can be at the side of a charging port. That is the power button, which is used to turn on the hoverboard. You just need to press, and the hoverboard is activated and ready to go. 

How To Ride A Swagtron Hoverboard?

Once you have turned on the hoverboard, would you also like to know how to ride it? Right? So in a few simple steps, you can learn to ride a Swagtron hoverboard.

  • Place the hoverboard on a flat surface.
  • Now, turn it on. 
  • Ensure to wear safety gear.
  • Step on the hoverboard one after another. 
  • Tilt your body in the direction you want to move your hoverboard. 
  • And you are ready to ride. 

Why Is The Swagtron Hoverboard Not Turning On?

Pressing the button as instructed if the hoverboard does not turn on a low battery might be the reason. It might be possible that your hoverboard is not charged. Sometimes even if you put it on a charge, it might happen that the charger is not properly plugged in, and the hoverboard does not charge. 

A defective charger, battery, or hoverboard, some loose wire, can also be why the hoverboard does not turn on. It can be claimed at the moment. These problems are solvable. But if the hoverboard is new, it is better to claim it as you have its warranty.

Guidelines For Using A Swagtron Hoverboard

Swagtron hoverboards have much more to offer. As a beginner, you would surely like to know everything about your hoverboard. There are some instructions or guidelines that can be helpful for you in using a Swagtron hoverboard. 

  • If you’re riding it for the first time, do wear safety gear like a helmet, elbow and knee pads, etc. 
  • Make sure your hoverboard is completely charged before using it.
  • Place it on an even surface and press, then turn it on. 
  • You can always set different modes on a Swagtron hoverboard with the help of the power button, the learning mode, and the standard mode. These modes are for controlling the speed.
  • For riding, step one foot and then another. The self-balancing mode will be activated.
  • Be relaxed. Don’t make sudden movements.
  • The hoverboard has a foot sensor that senses the weight and is moved by shifting your weight.
  • Every hoverboard has a weight limit. Do see that before buying.
  • Always keep your hoverboard clean from dirt.
  • Avoid terrain surfaces, rain, and mud. 
  • Pay attention to the battery sign. 
  • In case of any problem, claim it as soon as possible. 


Whenever we buy a new product, we usually don’t know anything about it. With time and using it, we get familiar with the product completely. In starting, it is better to follow the instruction manual or seek information from google or youtube. It is easy to start a hoverboard. There is a button given on its side which, on pressing, turns on the hoverboard. To know the further details, some guidelines are provided for your ease.