Are you a hoverboard crazy and love seeking information about it? Doing research on reliable companies for hoverboards, are you curious to know about Swagtron hoverboard? Do you want to know where Swagtron hoverboards are made? 

Swagtron is a US-based company. Its headquarter is in South Bend, Indiana, US. The process of manufacturing hoverboards takes place there, but it is not the product purchasing point. Swagtron has a vertically integrated model and distributors to distribute its product. 

The complete details about the places where Swagton hoverboards are mentioned, a few things about the company and its distributors, where you can buy the Swagtron hoverboard, etc. Let’s get started.

About Swagtron

Swagtron is the leading company that produces electric rideables. They are the innovators and have provided the best hoverboards in the market. Swagtron is reliable as they provide safe hoverboards. They also manufacture e-bikes, scooters, and skateboards, etc. 

In the city of Indiana, South Bend is the head office of the Swagtron company. Indiana is a state of the US where they design, develop, manufacture, logistic, sales marketing, and distributes. In short, they do everything by themselves. Their focus on vertically integrated models has been their competitive advantage. 

Merely these hoverboards are sold online. The company provides free shipment to the domestic US. Swagtron has various distributors in various countries. A few details of them are also shared.

Distributors Of Swagtron Company

Distributors are entities that buy the product and sell them to end-users. There are few official international distributors of Swagtron. These distributors are discussed as follows. 

  • Anew pow
  • Waldat Pvt Ltd
  • Lifezon
  • PinChuangLian (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd

These distributors are located in different countries. Anew pow in Taiwan, Waldat in India, lifezone in Russia, and PinChuangLian in China. With this, they target different places to increase their sales.

Where Can You Get A Swagtron Hoverboard?

After knowing details about the Swagtron company, where they are made, and its distributors, you would surely like to know where you can buy a Swagtron hoverboard. 

  • Swagtron hoverboard at shop

There are not as many physical shops where hoverboards are available. If they are, it’s not necessary to find all the models, and they have limited inventory. The retailers like Walmart, and Best Buy, do have the hoverboards, but it is best to check online if the required models are available at the nearest store or not.

  • Swagtron hoverboard online

It might not feel right to buy an electronic item online, but the trend of online buying is so trendy that mostly these hoverboards are available online. You can buy it directly from the Swagtron online website, which is a good option. 

These Swagtron hoverboards are also available on other websites that might have affiliated with those pages. 

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy

They provide complete information about the product, its specifications, warranty, and color information review. Walmart even adds some benefits of free shipping etc. These products can be bought as these websites are reliable and will provide accurate products. You can easily compare the prices too.


Knowing the company’s details from where you intend to buy a product enhances your knowledge and builds a trust level. Nearly all the hoverboards are manufactured in China, but there were many complaints about the bursting of batteries. So there was a shift in buying patterns, and other companies were more preferred, especially those that were UL certified. Swagtron is found in Indiana, and it has its international distributors as well. You can easily get its hoverboard online on different websites. They try to provide all the facilities and ease to customers through its product and hierarchy.