Being a Hoverboard lover, how do you like to ride your hoverboard? Fast or slow? Do you want to learn “How to change speed on a Jetson hoverboard?” to move the board according to your wish? You can control the speed via a few methods. 

A hoverboard rider can change the speed of a Jetson by tilting forward and backward to increase or decrease the speed. Many hoverboards have modes that you can change by pressing the power button. You can also handle the speed with the help of an app. 

Every person’s preference differs in terms of speed, and also it depends on many factors like age, time, etc. Some people like to ride fast, and some don’t. For riding fast or slow, you have to know to control the speed that you’ll get to know in this article.

Methods Of Changing Speed On Jetson Hoverboard

Jetson company has many different types of hoverboards with different modes and technology. You need to know about the different modes and which hoverboard you possess. By knowing the speed mode, you can control the hoverboard as per your wish and drive accordingly.

Following are the three things by which you can change the speed of a Jetson hoverboard. 

  • By bodyweight

Many Jetson hoverboard models have sensors that get activated while you stand on the board. To move faster, you have to lean forward. As more body weight will be on the forward side, the hoverboard will move faster. 

  • Manually

Some Jetson hoverboard models have 3 types of speed modes that you can manually set by pressing the power button. For changing modes, place the hoverboard in a vertical position, press the power button, and release. In some hoverboards, the light will indicate which mode is set. Following are the three speed modes in the hoverboard. 

  1. Low: First is beginner mode, an easy mode for starters. In this, the hoverboard is programmed to be slow. So there is no chance of falling, and you can learn to balance and ride. 
  2. Medium: The second mode has a higher speed than the first mode. When you know how to ride a hoverboard, this stage is perfect. It helps you to have a safe ride. 
  3. High: The third is the advanced mode which speeds up the hoverboard faster for those who love to ride it at full speed or want to reach the destination sooner.
  • By an app

There is a Jetson hoverboard with built-in Bluetooth, which you can pair up with your cell phone by installing the Jetson application. With a single tap on your phone, you can select the mode, and you are ready to go.

What Is The Maximum Speed Of A Jetson Hoverboard?

Jetson hoverboards have an average limit of 6 to 7 mph. This is considered to be a good speed for the ride. The higher-speed hoverboards tend to have a maximum speed of 10 mph. The terrain surface hoverboard with big tires and a high-power motor has high speed. 

Before using the hoverboard, riders should know every detail about the hoverboard. Like, what is the maximum speed of the model you are using? Because if you exceed the speed limit hoverboard will start beeping, and it can be extremely dangerous. 

Final verdict 

In the Jetson hoverboard, it is easy to change the speed modes and control them. You just have to be aware of the modes and decide how much speed is suitable for you. If your board is based on sensors, it can depict your body weight, so for faster or slower speed, you just need to tilt yourself in a forward or backward direction. Other than this, you can choose a mode by pressing the power button. Light will indicate which mode you have selected. With the advancement in technology, mobile apps can also control this feature.