Do you often travel on your hoverboard while going to college, the office, or shopping? Looking at your use, you buy a hoverboard seeing its features and often overlooking a factor of how much the hoverboard weighs? Right? You will get to know the importance of it here.

How much does a Swagtron hoverboard weigh? A Swagtron hoverboard varies in terms of weight. It tries to capture the market for all its customers, whether normal or heavyweight. The average weight of a hoverboard is 11.5 kg. Swagtron hoverboard weights from 8 kg to 32 kg. Each hoverboard differs in weight according to your age and weight. 

A detail about hoverboard weight is explained here, its importance, impact on performance, factors contributing to hoverboard weight, etc. 

Importance Of Knowing Swagtron Hoverboard Weigh

The weight of a hoverboard differs from model to model, depending on the parts. Hoverboards should be bought seeing both the factors, i.e., features and weight. Mostly the factor of weight is overlooked by people due to not knowing its importance. The weight of a hoverboard is necessary to know if it can carry your body weight or not. Swagtron hoverboards give a variety of weight ranges for every person. 

Hoverboards have a weight limit, which means a specifically weighted hoverboard can carry approximately this weight and is also suitable for riders. The kids should use a hoverboard of weight 20lbs (9kg) and adults 32lbs (14.5 kg). The Swagtron T6 series can carry a person of 400lbs (181kg), and this hoverboard weighs 25lbs (11kg). It is a good addition to the hoverboard by Swagtron as such people can also fulfill their desires of riding a hoverboard. 

Riders should know the importance of weight. Heavy or light, both boards have their importance. As the hoverboard is heavier, more force is applied. Lighter hoverboards are easier to ride. Also, it can be useful in many circumstances to have a lighter weight hoverboard as if it is out of battery and you need to carry it. 

Suppose you go to college on a hoverboard. You also need to carry it between the classes. If you take your hoverboard on holiday or if you are a child, for all these things you need a lighter weight board. So, If the board is heavy, it can get difficult to carry it. 

On another note, a heavy board has bigger wheels, and you can ride that on all-terrain surfaces along with heavyweight riders. Hence, the importance of the weight of the hoverboard would have been clear. 

Is There Any Impact Of Hoverboard Weight On Performance?

Like all the other factors, the weight of the hoverboard does impact the performance. The effect differs according to the different models and weights. 

  •  If the board is of lighter weight, it runs fastly.
  •  Heavyweight hoverboards have big motors and big wheels, which enhance the performance as they can move on any surface but have less speed.
  • The hoverboard that is heavier in weight has powerful motors, so it can also carry more weight. 

What Are The Factors That Contribute To Hoverboard Weight?

There are many factors by which a hoverboard can be lighter or heavier in weight. The material used in it plays an important role.

  • Wheels:

The Swagtron company produces different models with different sizes of wheels. Some hoverboards are for smooth surfaces only, and ones with big wheels are for rough terrain surfaces. They can also be used in grassy areas. So the bigger the wheel, the heavier it will be. And it also depends on which material has been used in making the wheels.

  • Battery:

The battery is an important component of the hoverboard. If some model has a bigger motor or battery, it will be heavy compared to smaller ones. It will increase the weight of the hoverboard. But a large battery means more power and longer the hoverboard can work. 

  • Other material: 

If the deck on which the rider stands is made up of cheap material, it will be lighter in weight. Different materials are used in the making of these, like alloy, ABS plastic, aluminum, etc. Therefore, depending on the type and quality weight of the hoverboard varies. 

The advanced features like speakers, Bluetooth, LED lights, GPS, straps, foothold, handle, etc. contribute to increasing the weight of the Swagtron hoverboard too. 


So, I hope you get the information about “How much does a Swagtron hoverboard weigh?” Swagtron is a renowned company providing a variety of hoverboards. These hoverboards vary in structure, features, and weight. Some have all the advanced features and can be heavier than the board having basic features. The person can see their preference and buy according to their weight, age, and capacity he needs. The weight of the Swagtron hoverboard is from 8kg to 32 kg, which merely depends on other factors discussed.