Hoverboards and Electric Unicycles are the most advanced type of mini e-vehicles. They are similar kinds of devices due to their technology and working experience.

However, they have many big and small differences that make them different in terms of many things like design, speed, riding experience, safety, etc.

Are you thinking of getting a mini e-vehicle for yourself or your kid? Are you wondering which e-vehicle you should choose? Or are you curious about the difference between a hoverboard and an electric unicycle?

Hoverboards and Electric Unicycles are both self-balancing battery-operated mini-vehicles. The Hoverboard consists of 2 wheels that can travel in the forward shoulder direction. But the Electric Unicycles consist of a single wheel, and they travel in the straight direction like a skateboard. 

I’m going to write a detailed comparison between Hoverboard and Electric Unicycle. This will help you understand both mini vehicles, their pros, and their cons.

I will also discuss which one you should buy and why they are worth buying. After that, I will discuss some most common questions that people ask about electric unicycles.

Hoverboard vs. Electric Unicycle

Hoverboards and e-unicycles are both considered motorized e-vehicles and are loved by people worldwide. They are both self-balancing scooters that are very easy to handle and control while riding. 

But, there are many differences between them besides their similarities.

You can determine their prominent differences by just looking at their picture, which is why I am not going to discuss those obvious differences.

But, I will discuss those differences that actually matter and should be considered as their pros and cons while making a buying decision.

Hoverboards Have Different Design Than E-Unicycle

The most significant difference between Hoverboards and Electric Unicycles is their design and working principle.

As their name states, Electric Unicycles are single-wheeled mini-vehicles powered by a compact and powerful battery pack.

There are two pedals or footboards given to place your feet and control the vehicle. These pedals are connected with the pressure sensors that control the wheel motor and supervise it to work accordingly.

Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters with two small wheels connected through a strong footboard containing plenty of sensors and electronic components. The rider places their feet on the footboard and controls the Hoverboard.

Many manufacturers are making hoverboards with different designs and specifications. But, their design theme and working principle are the same. Some make it with bigger 10 inches wheels, and some make it with 6.5-8.5 inches wheels.

So, the overall design between Hoverboards and e-unicycles is completely different, and I can’t say which design is better. Because everyone has their perspective and they like different things. So, this should be your decision whether you liked the design or not or which design will suit you the most.

Hoverboards Have Different Design Than E-Unicycle

Electric Unicycles Have High Speed And Better Travel Range

Speed is something where the real comparison starts. The hoverboards can generally achieve a top speed of 12-15KM per hour because they are bigger in terms of mass and weight.

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They have small wheels as compared to the e-unicycle. That is why average hoverboards can’t travel at high speed. But, some top-of-the-line and expensive hoverboards are capable of going up to 29km per hour.

Besides, hoverboards have a powerful lithium-ion battery pack that provides an average 15-20km travel range. The travel range of any hoverboard depends on the Battery Power, Wheel Motor, and rider’s weight. That is why some expensive hoverboards with more powerful components can provide a travel range of up to 30km.

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Electric Unicycles are considered better when it comes to travel with speed because they can go up to 20 to 25Km per hour.

Travel speed mostly depends on the surface; if a surface is smooth and not rough, then an electric unicycle can achieve its top speed of 25km or more. And if there is a rough and bumpy road, the speed will be reduced accordingly because the wheel motor and battery have to produce high torque to help vehicles ride through the bumps.

Electric Unicycles are not just good at providing speed, but they are also excellent at travel range. They can travel more than 45 to 50 km in a single fully charged battery.

Isn’t it awesome?

Yes, it’s very surprising that they can travel up to 50 KMs in one charge. There is no other motorized vehicle that can provide this much travel range. Even the most expensive Segway Hoverboards can’t provide this much travel range.

So, Electric Unicycles are better in terms of Speed and Travel Range as compared to hoverboards.

If you need a mini-vehicle that can provide high speed with a long travel range, then you should consider buying an Electric Unicycle.

Electric Unicycles Have High Speed and Better Travel Range

Travel Experience

Travel experience is something that everyone has a different opinion on. Some people like a smooth and easy-to-handle travel experience, while others like a thrilling and challenging experience. So, in this case, how can I say that this vehicle can provide a better travel experience than this.

So, I will discuss Hoverboard and Electric Unicycle travel experiences individually so that you can easily determine which one is suitable for you.

As mentioned above, hoverboards have two wheels connected through a footboard. The rider has to stand on the footboard in a shoulder-width straight facing position. The handling is very easy, and a rider has to lean forward and backward to increase or decrease the speed accordingly. And in order to take soft or hard turns, the rider has to transfer their weight and put pressure on their left or right feet. This will make the Hoverboard turn in the foot’s direction.

People find Hoverboards easy to ride, and even a beginner can learn to ride in a few minutes.

The Electric Unicycles are also easy to ride and equipped with self-balancing technology. They have a single big wheel and two small footboards or paddles to hold the rider’s feet. Controlling and handling an e-unicycle is the same as a hoverboard. 

A rider has to lean forward or backward to go ahead or stop the vehicle slightly. And in order to take turns, the rider has to transfer their weight and put pressure on their single foot. This will make a unicycle’s sensors understand the direction and turn the vehicle easily.

I’m sure now you will be able to understand and determine which device you should buy according to the travel experience.

Electric Unicycles Are A Little Safer Than Hoverboards

Safety is the most important factor that everyone should consider while choosing a mini electric vehicle and you must be aware that no vehicle is completely safe.

There is always a chance of accidents and getting injured while driving any vehicle. That is why motorized mini vehicles are not considered safe at all.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t ride them; you can still ride them but keep their safety concerns in mind.

Hoverboards have always been controversial because of the explosion incidents in the past. But, now manufacturers have improved the technology, and there is less chance of any mishap.

So, you can consider them safe if not mishandled. Besides, there is always a chance of accidents or fall down while riding them, and you have to wear safety gear like helmets and knee pads. They will protect you from getting hurt if you fall down from the Hoverboard.

Similarly, Electric Unicycles are not considered safe for riding outside or on the road. There is no such danger of e-unicycles exploding, but there is a chance of falling and getting hurt. So, you have to wear safety gear before you start riding them outside or inside.

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Electric Unicycles are A Little Safer Than Hoverboards

Electric Unicycles Are Expensive As Compared To Hoverboards

The most important difference between hoverboards and electric unicycles is their prices. Both are similar kinds of mini electric vehicles and are equipped with self-balancing technology. But, their prices are much different from each other.

A hoverboard can be found in 200 USD to 700 USD depending on the size, company, and features. There are many basic hoverboards available in the market that cost 200 to 500 USD. Their prices are actually quite reasonable because hoverboards are made by different manufacturers.

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On the other hand, Electric Unicycles can cost you 500 USD to 2000 USD depending on their features. The price difference between hoverboards and electric unicycles is that huge hoverboards are pretty common and have been sold in the market for almost 7 years. But, Electric Unicycles are quite new and manufactured by some limited companies. That is why they cost more than hoverboards.

Hoverboard Or Electric Unicycle – Which Is Best?

As I have mentioned above, both vehicles work on the same technology and have different features that are suitable for different people. No one, including me, can state that Hoverboard is better than a unicycle or a unicycle is better than a hoverboard.

Since they both have different features, they may be suitable for one kind of person but not suitable for other people. So, no vehicle is superior to others; they may be better than one another in some aspects.

So, I am going to discuss why you should buy a hoverboard or an electric unicycle and to whom they will be suitable.

Hoverboard or Electric Unicycle – Which is best

Why Buy Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are the most popular mini electric vehicles, and everyone has loved them since they were first released in 2013. They consist of some dynamic and most advanced technologies that allow you to ride a two-wheeled electric scooter inside or outside.

You must have understood hoverboards by reading above, but did you know who should buy them and whom they suit the most? Let’s discuss this in detail.

The hoverboards are suitable for people who want a thrill-filled fun activity but don’t want to ride a manual skateboard or anything else. Hoverboards are rechargeable and can provide a decent speed with a good travel range.

Kids also love hoverboards, and many manufacturers have made special models for kids; they can ride them inside on different surfaces, have fun, and spend their time. Hoverboards are suitable for kids because they are easier to ride and are not much faster. You must know that speed is dangerous, and anything can happen while riding a vehicle fast.

So, hoverboards are suitable for both kids and adults by wearing safety gear like helmets and knee pads.

Note: Kids below 10 years are not recommended to ride a hoverboard, as they are underweighted and cannot control the vehicle completely.

Why Buy An Electric Unicycle?

Electric Unicycles are the most advanced mini electric vehicle. They are equipped with many better features like Hill climbing, better speed, better travel range, etc. Electric unicycle is considered best for long travelers because it provides a 45+ KM travel range in a single go.

Also, e-unicycles are best for former hoverboard riders who want something new and extra thrilling to experience. They can provide extra speed, an extended travel range, and a new travel experience.

Electric Unicycles are best for people who have to travel daily long to get to the job and spend most of their income on travel expenses. You can save your travel expenses via traveling with Electric Unicycles; they can go 45+ km in a single charge, and their single-time charging will cost you a maximum of 3 USD.

Isn’t it great?

Riding an electric unicycle can be challenging for beginners, but there will be no difficulty once you get familiar with its controls. That is why they are not recommended for kids and beginners. Another reason behind not recommending it for kids is its high speed. Kids can hurt themselves while going at this much speed.

Why buy an Electric Unicycle


Hoverboards and Electric Unicycles are both very advanced types of mini vehicles. They are loved by kids, young, and adults all over the world. But, many people didn’t know about them, and some people that have some knowledge and want to buy a self-balancing scooter are confused between them.

They work on the same technology but are different in their design, speed, travel range, riding experience, safety features, and pricing. I have written a detailed comparison between the two and also discussed why you should buy them. I hope you will enjoy the comparison and understand which one you should buy after reading this article. 

If you have any questions or require any information about Hoverboards or Electric Unicycle, let me know in the comments below. I will come up with the most helpful information in no time.