Hoverboards are loved by everyone nowadays. They are fun and thrilling to ride and among the best mini-vehicles to travel short distances or do fun activities.

Since when hoverboards were first introduced, people have been amazed by their technology, and everyone wants to have one. If you are one of them and thinking of buying one for your kid or yourself, then do proper research for the right hoverboard according to the rider’s weight and size.

The most important thing you should know before buying is how much weight a hoverboard can hold.

Hoverboards can hold up to 44-420 lbs, depending on their size and specifications. Different sizes of hoverboards have different weight limits, but their minimum weight requirement is common. A rider below 44 lbs is not recommended to ride any hoverboard as their weight is not enough to control it.

Yes, a rider’s weight matters to handle or control the hoverboard. There are different types of hoverboards available in the market these days, and all of them are different in terms of their weight limit, wheel size, and travel performance. Let’s discuss different hoverboards and their weight limits.

Different Hoverboard’s Weight Limits

Hoverboards consist of two small wheels and a footboard between them. A rider stands on the footboard and controls the ride with the shifting of weight and pressure.

The sensors underneath the footboard sense the pressure or weight and act accordingly. If a rider’s weight is not enough or above the hoverboard’s weight limit, then it would be difficult for sensors to detect the exact pressure and control the handling.

That is why the weight limit is the most important factor that you should consider when buying a hoverboard.

Let’s discuss some common-sized Hoverboard’s weight limits and explore their capabilities.

4.5 Inch Hoverboard Weight Limit

This is the smallest size of a hoverboard and can hold 44 to 120 lbs of direct weight. These sized hoverboards are specially made for kids according to their size and weight. All hoverboards are differentiated by their wheel size because their overall size is made according to their wheel size.

The 4.5 inches hoverboard is considered best for kids below or equal to 120 lbs, and riders below 44 lbs are not recommended to ride it as it may be dangerous for underweight riders. A rider more than 120 lbs can ride it, but the hoverboard’s proficiency will be compromised.

The weight limit is considered the perfect scale for choosing the right hoverboard as weight is the most important factor for any vehicle’s efficiency.

4.5 Inch Hoverboard Weight Limit

6.5 Inch Hoverboard Weight Limit

Many brands and manufacturers are making 6.5 inches size hoverboards, which is considered a decent size for kids and teenagers. A 6.5 inches hoverboard can hold an average weight between 44-220 lbs depending on its brand.

Below 44 lbs, riders will face controlling or handling issues, which is why it is not recommended. The 220 lbs and above riders can ride it, but the speed, travel range, and battery backup will be reduced due to overweight, and long-term usage may harm the hoverboard.

6.5-inch size hoverboard is the most convenient and compact size of the hoverboard.

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8.5 Inch Hoverboard Weight Limit

The 8.5 inches hoverboard is the most common hoverboard that almost all brands and manufacturers make. Its weight limit is 44-265 lbs depending on the model and the brand of the hoverboard.

Everyone can ride them, including kids, teenagers, adults, and heavy adults but below 263 lbs. The below 44 lbs riders can’t ride these hoverboards because the pressure sensors will not be activated appropriately by their weight, and they will face weird handling.

The above 265 lbs can ride but are not recommended because it may damage the hardware and reduce the overall performance like speed, travel distance, battery life, etc.

There are many off-road hoverboards available in this wheel size in the market, and they can hold more weight up to 300 lbs. The off-road hoverboards are made especially for rough surfaces like dirt, grass, etc. That is why they have some extra weight-bearing limits.

8.5 Inch Hoverboard Weight Limit

10 Inch Hoverboard Weight Limit

10 inches is the most popular size of hoverboards. Almost all manufacturers make these sized hoverboards because of the diversity and the outcomes they provide.

They can hold up to 44-330 lbs of the rider with no difficulty at all and go to different places, including off-road. These hoverboards can lift above 330 lbs, but their productivity will be compromised.

10 inches hoverboards are usually made of durable and premium materials that can withstand heavy weight riders up to 150 kg. These hoverboards are not recommended for riders below 44 lbs because they will be very difficult to handle.

Besides, many manufacturers make 10 inches off-road hoverboards that can hold an extra weight of up to 350 lbs.

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Segway Hoverboard Weight Limit

Segways are known for their heavy-duty self-balancing mini vehicles. There are many different models of Segways available in the market, and they have different weight limits.

But on average, they can hold up to 400 lbs without any hesitation. Their durable material allows them to easily lift the heavyweight rider and take them anywhere on rough surfaces.

Everyone can ride a Segway, including kids, teens, adults, and heavy adults. They are considered best and recommended for heavy riders that can’t ride a regular hoverboard.

Minimum weight matters the most to ride the Segway because it’s a minimum requirement of pressure sensors to work properly for a better riding experience.

Segways can lift heavy weights because of their bigger wheel size, powerful battery, powerful motors, etc.

Segway Hoverboard Weight Limit

What Hoverboard Holds the Most Weight?

Swagtron T6 Outlaw can hold the weight up to 420 lbs. This is the only hoverboard that can hold this much weight; no other can hold this much. If you are a heavy adult and searching for an ideal hoverboard, this will be a perfect choice. It will not just hold your weight, but it can also travel 12 miles in a single charge.

How Much Do You Have To Weigh To Ride A Hoverboard?

The minimum weight limit for a hoverboard rider is 44 lbs. Hoverboards are controlled by the weight shifting of the rider, and riders below this weight are not allowed to ride them.

When a rider is underweight, it will be difficult for the pressure sensors to understand the rider’s motion and work appropriately.

The underweight riders are recommended at all to ride any hoverboard because they can injure themselves because it will be difficult for them to control.


Hoverboards are made with the most advanced technology, and that is why they are very thrilling and fun to ride. They come in different sizes, and each size has different weight limits. I have discussed the weight limits of different hoverboards so that you can understand and determine the right size for your kid or yourself.

Above are the different weight limits of different size hoverboards and their average weight limit is 44 to 420 lbs. If you are slightly above the maximum weight limit of the hoverboard, you can still ride it, but the overall performance will be compromised, and long-term usage can harm the hoverboard.

But, if you are under the minimum weight limit of the hoverboard, you are not recommended to ride it anyway because the weight is not enough to trigger the sensors and control the hoverboard.

I have discussed everything related to the hoverboard weight limits; if you have something in your mind regarding this topic, you can ask me in the comment section below. I will reply to all the comments in a few minutes.