Mini vehicles like hoverboards and Longboards are getting very popular these days among both young and adults. Everyone wants to own one, but there are so many products that make a buyer very confused. People are confused between them because each mini-vehicle comes with something special, and this causes confusion.

Hoverboards and Longboards are both mini vehicles but are very different from each other. Hoverboards have 2 big wheels that are battery operated, but on the other hand, Longboards have 4 small wheels that are manually operated by the rider’s push. Longboards are like a skateboard but bigger in size.

I am here to discuss the differences between two popular and advanced mini vehicles, Hoverboards and Longboards.

I will discuss their major differences like their technology, operation, handling, control, size, riding experience, and limitations.

This will help you decide which mini-vehicle you should buy. I will also discuss some benefits and the reasons why you should choose them.

Hoverboard vs. Longboard

Hoverboard vs. Longboard – A Detailed Comparison

You can clearly see the major differences by just looking at hoverboards and longboards; that is why I’m not going to discuss those things you may already know.

But I will cover the important differences and benefits you should know before choosing them for yourself or your children. So, let’s begin the comparison between Longboard and hoverboard.

Longboards are an advanced type of skateboard but are comparatively bigger in size and updated in operation and control.

On the other hand, hoverboards are advanced mini e-vehicles powered by batteries and handled by self-balancing technology. Both mini vehicles are different in terms of almost everything like technology, operation, size, and riding experience. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Hoverboards Are More Advanced In Technology.

Hoverboards have two wheels and are based on self-balancing electric power technology. They are powered by powerful batteries, and you just have to charge them and enjoy the ride.

The wheels of hoverboards have one or two motors depending on the type of hoverboard. That wheel motors are powered by a strong lithium-ion battery pack that runs the wheels. Besides, there is a motherboard that has self-balancing technology and helps the rider while riding.

Longboards have four wheels and can be operated manually by the rider, just like skateboards. They are the same as skateboards but slightly bigger in size and better in some aspects like handling, control, and riding experience.

Longboards are considered a type of skateboard because of their similarity, but they are actually a better version of old skateboards.

How long longboards are

Hoverboards Are Easier To Ride Than Longboards

Hoverboards are battery-operated, and a rider controls it with the shifting of their weight. You have to lean forward or shift your weight on your toes in a forward direction to increase the speed or start the hoverboard.

Similarly, you have to lean back or shift your weight on your heels in order to stop or decrease the speed. The left turn requires you to shift your weight to your left foot, and the right turn requires you to move your weight to your right foot.

Hoverboard’s operation is very easy, and even a beginner can learn in just a few minutes. They are self-balancing; this means they can control themselves and help the rider to operate it conveniently.

On the other hand, Longboards are slightly difficult to control because they are manually operated. A rider has to push it through the feet, control the speed with the help of their feet, and apply some pressure on the board.

Taking turns is a challenging task for a beginner because you have to bend, lock your ankles, and lean on the desired side to take a turn. Controlling a longboard is the same as a skateboard, but the longboards have slightly more flexible boards than other skateboards. You can move your body up and down while sticking your feet on the board to increase the speed.

Hoverboards Are Easy To Handle, While Longboards Are Not

Hoverboards are much easier to handle as they are mini e-vehicles and are based on self-balancing technology. You can easily increase and decrease the speed and take turns by shifting your body weight, and self-balancing will prevent you from falling down suddenly.

Hoverboards are also equipped with a lot of sensors that assist with handling.

Longboards are difficult to handle; you have to be skilled enough to ride them smoothly. They are manual mini-vehicles, and you have to push on the ground to increase the speed and shift your weight on the back wheels to decrease the speed.

Taking turns on a longboard is a difficult task for beginners and even challenging for intermediate riders. You have to decrease your speed according to the angle of the turn. An attempt to take a turn while being at high speed can cause you to fall and get yourself injured. That is why it isn’t easy to ride a longboard.

When was Longboard Invented

Longboards Are Bigger In Size

Hoverboards are comparatively compact in size than longboards. The size of their wheel can determine their size. This bigger wheel size means the bigger footboard. They come in 6.5/8.5/10 inches wheel size and are driven in a straight shoulder-width direction.

A hoverboard’s capability majorly depends on its wheel size. Big wheeled hoverboards can take more load and can carry heavily weighted riders.

As longboards’ name resembles, they are comparatively bigger in size. They can be as long as 28 to 59 inches. As mentioned above, they have four small wheels each on the corner of the board. The size of their wheels is mostly between 64 to 80 mm in diameter. The smaller wheel size allows it to gain more speed and travel on the rough surface as well.

Riding Experience

The riding experience of both mini-vehicles totally depends on you. Both provide a different type of experience as the hoverboard is electrically operated, and the Longboard is manual. Some people like to have an automatic mini-vehicle, and some want a manually operated thrilling vehicle. So, it totally depends on you.

Hoverboard provides a comfortable riding experience as you don’t have to give it a push to increase or decrease the speed. You just have to stand on the board and control it with your body motion. This provides a comfortable riding experience.

But on the other hand, Longboards provide a slightly different experience as you have to operate them manually and take care of speed and motion while taking turns. This makes it a difficult vehicle to control, and only an experienced skateboard rider can enjoy the riding experience.

are longboards easier to ride

Hoverboards Are Limited In Speed, But Longboards Are Not.

The speed and travel range limit hoverboards because they are battery-operated mini e-vehicles. Many different hoverboards are available in the market that can provide up to 25km speed and 25-30 km travel range.

However, some parts of the world do not recognize them as motor vehicles and for that reason don’t permit them to be used outside or on the street. But, you can ride them inside or on private property. So, hoverboards are limited by speed, travel range, and government laws.

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Longboards have no speed limitations by default; you may ride them as you want. There is no battery or motor that restricts their speed.

Similarly, there is no travel range in longboards, and you may travel as much as you want. You must also follow certain riding laws when riding outside. But, overall, they are not prohibited by most countries.

Some local governments prohibit them in some cities, and you have to follow the rules. So, longboards are not limited by speed and travel range, but there are some limitations on their transportation on the roads.

Hoverboard Or Longboard: Which Is Best?

As mentioned in the comparison above, both mini vehicles are different in terms of almost everything. There should be no comparison between them as one is battery operated and the other is a manual vehicle. Both are good in their own aspects and are suitable for different people according to their needs.

Hoverboards are suitable for people who need a mini-vehicle but don’t want to operate it manually. Whereas longboards are ideal for people who wish to upgrade from a skateboard or any other manual mini-vehicle. So, both are different and good for different needs.

Let’s discuss why you should buy them in detail. This will help you in your buying decision.

Why Should You Buy A Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are suitable for people who are not skilled in any mini-vehicle like a skateboard, waveboard, or any other mini-vehicle. Hoverboards are great for them to ride because they are so easy, and even a beginner can ride them.

A hoverboard is also extremely convenient to handle, making it a good choice. Everyone can ride them like kids, adults, and elders.

If you want to buy a mini-vehicle to roam around the town and have a thrilling riding experience, then hoverboards are best for you. You can travel an average of 20-30 km on a single battery charge(depending on the type of hoverboard).

hoverboards are good for beginners

Why Should You Buy A Longboard?

Longboards are operated manually by the push and weight shifting of the rider. They are consist of four small wheels that are very good at taking directions. You can move them from any side by just shifting your weight on the board in your desired direction.

If you are a skateboard rider and want a mini-vehicle that can provide you with more comfort, you should choose Longboard. As they will give you much more comfort than any other manual mini-vehicle, you can travel long distances.

A longboard is also a good choice if you live in a place where hoverboards or other mini-e-vehicles are banned outside by the government. Because they are an advanced type of old manual mini-vehicles and you can fulfill your riding needs easily. But remember, you need to learn and understand its operation and handling properly.

Hoverboard Or Longboard: Which Is Easy To Drive?

Hoverboards are easy to ride as compared to the Longboard because they are battery operated and longboards are manual. By shifting your weight accordingly, you can maneuver hoverboards forward, backward, left, or right.

But on the other hand, you have to push your feet, lean your weight to control and handle the Longboard in the desired direction.

Even a beginner can ride hoverboards conveniently as compared to the Longboard.

Can Kids Ride Longboard?

There are some specific sizes of longboards that are suitable for the kids. But, first, they have to learn the control and handling before riding them on the road. Kids below 8 are not recommended to ride Longboard because kids have a weak sense of decision, and it would be risky for them to ride it.

Children older than 8 years old are also recommended to ride longboards only if they wear safety gear like helmets and kneepads. This will help them in case of a sudden fall down on the slippery or rough surface.

Is A Longboard Easy To Turn?

Turning a longboard is slightly difficult for beginners because you have to control its speed while turning in a specific direction. This makes them difficult to turn. But, skilled skateboard riders can easily turn them in any direction because they know how to control the speed while taking turns.

Can Longboards Go Uphill?

Longboards can’t go uphill because it is very difficult for a rider to ride them on incline roads. They are manually operated, and a rider has to push their feet on the ground to speed up. That is why they can’t go uphill.

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Longboards and hoverboards are completely different types of mini vehicles. Hoverboards are e-vehicle, and longboards are manual mini-vehicle.

Both are suitable for different people according to their needs and purpose. You can buy hoverboards if you need to get familiar with advanced technology, and if you need just a mini-vehicle to have fun and can manually operate, you should go for a longboard.

I have written a complete comparison between hoverboards and longboards, and I hope you have got all the information you were searching for. If there is anything that I have missed or something in your mind. Just tell me in the comment section below. I will reach out to you in a minimal time with the most helpful information.