Listening to music while riding a Swagtron hoverboard sounds fun, right? For that hoverboard with a Bluetooth option is a must. But you don’t know how to pair it and find it difficult being the first-timer? No need to worry. It can connect in a few simple steps, and you can have fun riding.

Many Swagtron hoverboards have a built-in Bluetooth option to pair up with your cellphone to enjoy the music. By turning on the hoverboard, Bluetooth is enabled automatically. Then turn on the Bluetooth on your cell phone and pair the device to have a smooth, relaxing, fun ride. How to connect Bluetooth to Swagtron hoverboard?

Following are the simple steps by which your problem of connecting the Bluetooth can be resolved. If still the process is not cleared and you are having trouble knowing small details such as how to turn on Bluetooth on a hoverboard or your cell phone, you can know it all here.

Steps For Connecting Bluetooth To Swagtron Hoverboard

Bluetooth is an amazing option found in many Swagtron hoverboards. Hoverboards have speakers in their frame, so when you connect the Bluetooth with the cell phone, you can listen to any music or audio of your own choice. In order to connect the Bluetooth, you need to be sure that you have a Bluetooth hoverboard. And by following the below-mentioned steps, you can easily connect it to any device.

  1. Turn on the hoverboard, and the Bluetooth will automatically get on. 
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your cell phone or iPad by which you want to connect your hoverboard.
  3. Scan the device.
  4. Pair the devices.
  5. Both devices are connected, and you are now all set to listen and ride. 

How To Know If The Bluetooth Of The Swagtron Hoverboard Is Turned On?

If your hoverboard has Bluetooth, just power on the hoverboard, and the Bluetooth will automatically turn on. A sound gives the indication of Bluetooth. If no sound is made, then Bluetooth is not on. So you have to turn off the hoverboard and turn it on again.

Different types of sound will indicate different things. One sound will indicate that Bluetooth is on. The other sound is when it is paired up with the device (cell phone). And lastly, the sound is produced to show that devices are connected. 

So, these sounds indicate the different stages of Bluetooth on the Swagtron hoverboard. These sounds make it easier to know the status of Bluetooth. And ensure the connection. 

How To Connect The Bluetooth Of A Hoverboard With Your Cell Phone?

How to connect Bluetooth to Swagtron hoverboard? Once when the Bluetooth of the hoverboard is on, next, you have to turn on the Bluetooth of your cell phone. Because for connecting both the devices, it is necessary. For doing so, follow this small procedure.

  • Open settings in your cell phone.
  • Go to connections and turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Scan the devices.
  • A hoverboard device will appear on the screen when the scan is done.
  •  Pair up with the hoverboard by tapping on it. 
  • And the connection is made. 

What Are The Reasons For The Bluetooth Not Getting Connected?

Sometimes, even by following the procedure, the Bluetooth doesn’t get connected. This could happen due to various reasons. 

  • Bluetooth is off:

If the Bluetooth of the hoverboard is not turned on, it can be one of the reasons for not connecting. Or sometimes, it may happen that Bluetooth is on, but if no device is connected for a while, it automatically turns off. 

Another scenario is if the hoverboard is already on and you try to connect it with your phone, the device might not show up. So in any case, turn off the hoverboard and turn it on again. A sound will be produced, ensuring that Bluetooth is now on and visible to nearby devices for connection. 

  • No charging:

If the hoverboard shows the sign of a low battery, it means it has no power, and it might cause issues in connecting the Bluetooth. So charge the hoverboard and connect again. This might solve your connectivity issue.

  • Out of reach device

The two devices, the hoverboard and phone, are far away from each other so they might fail the Bluetooth connection. You need to ensure that the device you need to connect is not out of range and close to the hoverboard to capture the signals of the device for pairing. 

  • Connected to other networks

If the hoverboard is connected to too many other devices, this might cause trouble in connecting. Make sure to disconnect it from other devices to connect your device. The hoverboard can be connected to a maximum of two devices at once. 

How To Reset The Bluetooth, And How Does It Help?

If the problem of Bluetooth is not solved, you can always reset the Bluetooth of the hoverboard. It will erase previous data, and you can create new things from the start. Resetting also helps correct speaker problems and balance the wheels if any imbalance is caused. 

To reset the hoverboard:

  1. Turn it off.
  2. Make sure that the hoverboard is placed on a smooth surface.
  3. Press the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. You will hear a sound, and the red light will flash 3 times.

When the red light is stable, the system is calibrated, and you can turn off and on the hoverboard again. 


In the Swagtron hoverboard, Bluetooth is an optional but advanced feature to attract the young generation as they are more into music. So these hoverboards come with built-in Bluetooth and speakers by which you connect the device with your cell phone and enjoy the ride listening to your favorites. How to connect Bluetooth to Swagtron hoverboard?When the Bluetooth of both devices is on, pair up the device to connect and enjoy. It is to be noticed that not all Swagtron hoverboards have this Bluetooth feature. So for this, you have to be careful while buying.