In the past few years, I have seen a significant increase in the numbers of hoverboards and other e-vehicles like e-skateboard, self-balancing scooters, etc. 

People of every age love these mini-vehicles, and everyone wants to have one to get around the city with style. 

Most young & adults are using them as toys to fulfill their fun activities and spend their spare time faster. They also love the thrill and excitement of riding in front of their friends and family.

There are many kinds of e-scooters or mini electric vehicles in the market, and it is a very confusing situation for a new buyer to decide which one to buy. 

Hoverboards and skateboards are both advanced mini-vehicles with powerful battery packs. Their main difference is; Hoverboards use self-balancing technology that automatically controls the balance. But the E-Skateboards are just battery-operated vehicles and do not have a self-balancing feature.

I have written a complete comparison between the two mini-vehicles Hoverboard and Skateboard. These are very popular nowadays, and people love them due to their immense features.

So, I’m going to do a Hoverboard vs. Skateboard comparison. Which of them is best? And why is it best? And will discuss other common questions that will help you decide which one to buy.

Let’s know their differences first.

Hoverboard vs. Skateboard

Hoverboard VS. Skateboard

Hoverboards and Skateboards are both mini e vehicles powered by a powerful battery and a powerful motor that runs the wheels. Both devices are totally different in looks. You can quickly analyze their difference by just looking at the picture.

Then why am I here? I am here to discuss some important differences that are not visible to everyone, and by knowing these differences, you will be able to understand their benefits and suitability.

So, let’s start with the significant differences.

Hoverboards Are Safer Than Skateboards

The safety of mini e vehicles has always been controversial because they are too small to be recognized as motor vehicles, get registered, and insured.

That is why many countries didn’t allow them to be ridden on the road. So, both Hoverboards and Skateboards are mini e vehicles and are considered unsafe by many experts and governments.

But, this doesn’t mean that you should not buy them. They are not considered safe because of their terrible history of fire-catching incidents and explosions.

Now, manufacturers have improved the technology and nearly exempted the flaws in the device that causes those complications. But due to bad media reporting and negative news, they are considered unsafe.

They are much safer than in the past. So, I am going to discuss which one is safer or equipped with more safety features.

The hoverboards are self-balancing e-vehicles that are powered by a lithium-ion battery. The self-balancing feature maintains the balance between wheels and footboard when the rider is standing.

They also have many sensors like pressure sensor, speed accelerator sensor, wheels RPM analyzer, and so on. These sensors work together and make an enjoyable ride. So, these all features make a hoverboard safe to ride.

On the other hand, Skateboards are not equipped with many features like hoverboards. They are simply powered by a battery and motor that run the wheels.

Apart from this, there is no added feature like self-balancing or anything else that has been given in the E-skateboards. That means if a rider is a beginner and isn’t able to maintain balance while riding, then it can be dangerous, and he can get injured.

That is why skateboards are on a less safe side than hoverboards.

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Hoverboards Are Safer Than Skateboards

Hoverboards Are Rider Friendly Than Skateboards

Both devices are different in their technology. Hoverboards work with the help of self-balancing technology and are equipped with plenty of sensors that make a ride more manageable. But E-skateboards don’t have sensors or self-balancing technology.

Both mini vehicles consist of a powerful Lithium-ion battery that powers the wheel motors. There are 2 powerful motors in hoverboards that run the wheel individually according to the required RPM and surface condition.

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But in E-skateboards, a single motor powers the 4 wheels via getting powered by the battery. There are no extra features like pressure, RPM, or turn sensors in it. Their mechanism is straightforward and to the point.

This makes E-skateboards challenging to ride and makes hoverboards rider-friendly.

E-Skateboards Are Faster Than Hoverboards.

When it comes to speed, the e-skateboard wins. They are too fast as compared to the fastest hoverboard. E-skateboard can provide a top speed of more than 29km per hour. But on the other hand, hoverboards can travel at 12-15km per hour.

The reason behind the hoverboard’s slow speed is: they are heavier because they are equipped with many extra features and other electronic components that make the ride easier for you.

So, in terms of speed, the E-skateboards are better than Hoverboards.

E-Skateboards are Faster Than Hoverboards.

Skateboards Have Better Travel Range Than Hoverboards

Hoverboards can travel up to 15-20km in a single fully charged battery, but it depends on the surface. If a surface is rough and has bumps, then the battery will be consumed quickly and provide less travel range.

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E-skateboards are much better in travel range, and they provide more than 40 km travel range in a single charge. This is a massive difference between Hoverboards and Skateboards.

The reason behind the skateboard’s better travel range is its weight and simple mechanism. Skateboards are lightweight due to their simple mechanism.

They only have a battery and an electronic motor that runs the wheels. That is why they can provide this much travel range.

So, Skateboards are better in terms of travel range than hoverboards.

Hoverboards Are Easy To Handle Than Skateboards

Handling a hoverboard is very easy compared to the skateboard because there is a self-balancing feature given in all hoverboards and not in Skateboards. So, handling a hoverboard is very easy. Even a beginner can learn to ride in just a few minutes.

You have to lean forward or backward in order to increase speed or decrease and shift your weight on your left or right feet to take turns. This is how you can easily control a hoverboard.

E-skateboards are difficult to handle because a remote can connect to the board through Bluetooth. You have to control your speed or braking with that remote while riding and taking turns.

You have to be skilled enough. Because there are no sensors working that help you take a turn, but all are manual, you have to take a turn on your own, just like a regular skateboard.

So, hoverboards are proven more convenient and easy to handle as compared to Skateboards.

Hoverboards Are Easy to Handle Than Skateboards

Hoverboard Or Skateboard – Which Is Best?

Hoverboard and Skateboard both are e-vehicles and provide an exciting mini-vehicle riding experience. But, they are much different in the perspective of performance and usability.

There are many differences in technology and handling between them. This generates the question of which is best to buy? Hoverboard or Skateboard?

Choosing a hoverboard or Skateboard totally depends on the user. It depends on the user’s needs. So, no one can say that this is best and this is wrong for you. A user has to decide what should be the best thing according to his situation.

So, they are both good in some aspects, but some flaws make one better than the other. Let’s discuss what makes them best and who they will suit the most.

Hoverboards Are Best For:

A hoverboard is best for beginners unaware of any mini-vehicle riding and doesn’t have practical experience of riding one because hoverboard riding is so smooth and easy that a beginner can learn it within a few minutes.

Hoverboards are equipped with many features that enable a safe ride for everyone, including self-balancing and speed control. This makes it the best option for beginners, kids, teenagers, and some seniors.

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It is also best for the people who want a mini-vehicle that can take them to the inclined road. Many hoverboard manufacturers include an incline climb feature in their new hoverboards.

This feature automatically enables when sensors sense the road inclines. This sends a signal to the motor to act accordingly to successfully climb the uphill.

Similarly, not just climbing, these hoverboards have another feature that enables a safe downhill journey. It works the same as the uphill feature.

These are the reasons why a hoverboard is considered best for everyone. But there are some situations where hoverboards are not going to give any fruitful benefits. There you should go on Skateboard. Let’s discuss what situations make skateboards best and who should buy them.

hoverboards are best for beginners

Skateboards Are Best For:

As mentioned above, skateboards are much faster than any other hoverboard because they are lightweight and can ride on rough roads. They can go up to 40 km per hour on a smooth and easy surface, and speed can be decreased if the road is rough or bumpy.

Although, the overall speed of Skateboard is better than hoverboards. So, if anyone skilled enough to handle this much speed can get the E-skateboard, it will be the best choice for regular skateboard users and experts.

Not just speed, they provide a very good travel range that is better than hoverboards. They provide more than 29km in a single charge, and some higher-end models can provide more travel range.

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So, anyone who needs to travel extra miles or who has to go to work very far can buy the skateboard. This will allow him to travel more at less cost.

Another benefit of Skateboard is its affordable price. You can buy them at an average price of 200 USD. Isn’t it amazing? At this reasonable price, they contribute extra speed and extra travel range than an expensive hoverboard.

So, in these particular situations, the skateboard will be the best choice for any adult or expert/skilled Skateboard rider.


Skateboards and hoverboards are two different kinds of mini e-vehicles. However, they provide almost the same thrill and riding experience but are different in many aspects. A hoverboard is considered relatively safer when we compare it with an e-skateboard. I have discussed some major differences between them, such as their speed, travel range, handling & controls, and their safety features & concerns.

I have also explained which one of them is best according to the rider’s ability, situation, and needs & purpose. However, both are great e-scooters in their own aspects.

I am sure that you have found your required information. If you have something in your mind about hoverboard or e-skateboard, you can ask me in the comment section below. I will be replying back with the most helpful answer or solution.