Charging a hoverboard is a whole new topic, and the most asked questions related to hoverboards are asked about their battery, charging, and safety. Like can I charge my hoverboard overnight? Is it safe? Or how to properly charge for a long-lasting battery? And many other related questions. So that is why I have gathered a few most common hoverboard charging & battery questions, and I’m going to discuss them one by one.

You can’t charge a hoverboard overnight because a hoverboard’s battery can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. If you are charging it when it is full, then you may be overcharging it. The battery can be heated, catch fire, and may explode if it is left overnight. 

Now you know that you can’t charge your hoverboard overnight. It will increase the risk of exploding. But, do you know how to charge it correctly? And if you don’t charge it in the right way, what can happen? Let’s discuss these things and explore more about hoverboards.

What Happens When We Charge Hoverboard Overnight

The night is about 7 to 12 hours long, and an average hoverboard can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours. If a device is fully charged, would you be willing to charge it more? Of course not. Because charging for an extended period of time will not give you extra battery backup.

Similarly, hoverboard batteries work the same way as other devices’ batteries. They are not meant to be overcharged. There is no benefit in doing it. Instead, it can be very dangerous.

What Happens When We Charge Hoverboard Overnight

Following are the details of what can happen if we charge a hoverboard overnight.

Decrease In Battery Backup

Overcharging may cause a decrease in battery backup. A battery has various cells that can store a small amount of current. And these multiple cells jointly hold a decent amount of current.

But individually, a battery cell is fragile and weak. When we leave our device on charging for long hours regularly and overcharge, it can burn the battery cells and lead to lower battery backup.

Battery makers produce a battery with a specific amount of charging cells. When some cells are dead or burned, the battery will be charged less in time and provide a lesser battery backup.

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If you are regularly overcharging the battery, it may cause the battery to overheat. As I have stated above, overcharging can kill battery cells.

When there are fewer cells in a battery to store current, but you still charge it. It is like putting an extra amount of weight on a weak body. What do you think will the body bear the excess weight?

I know your answer will be No. Similarly, a weak and overcharged batter can’t hold that much amount of current. It results in the battery overheating.

Battery Can Catch Fire

Hoverboards have Lithium-Ion batteries. It contains highly flammable materials that can easily catch fire. When a battery starts overheating, there are high chances that those flammable materials can catch fire.

Once a battery catches fire, it may not only burn the entire hoverboard. But, it can be dangerous for the property and the people too.

Hoverboard Explosion

A weak & dangerous battery can easily catch fire due to overheating, and this causes the hoverboard explosion. There are many incidents where the hoverboard exploded due to the weak battery and harmed the property.

So, never charge a hoverboard overnight because it will overcharge the battery. And an overcharged battery can act like a bomb. It will be harmful to the hoverboard, your property, and of course you.

How To Safely Charge A Hoverboard?

Safely charging a hoverboard is very important because it can increase both the hoverboard and the battery life. Below are the tips that you can follow and charge your hoverboard safely.

How to Safely Charge a Hoverboard
  • Turn off the hoverboard.
  • Plug the charger into an electric socket
  • Turn on the socket switch
  • Plug the other end of the charger into the hoverboard’s charging port
  • Please wait for a few seconds; your hoverboard’s lights indicate that it’s getting charged
  • Now keep visiting your hoverboard after every hour to check if everything is alright
  • Usually, hoverboards get fully charged in 2-3 hours. But, there is a particular indication of when it is fully charged.
  • Unplug the charger after your hoverboard is fully charged

This is a safe way to charge your hoverboard or any other electronic device. There are indicators on every device that resembles low, charging, and fully charged conditions. You can learn them from your device’s user manual.

How To Make Your Hoverboard’s Battery Last Longer?

Below are some simple but effective tips that can help you make your hoverboard’s battery last longer.

  1. Never overcharge your hoverboard.
  2. Always use the charger that comes with the device. Or the charger that is recommended by the product’s user manual
  3. Always fully charge it before going for a ride.
  4. Never leave your fully charged hoverboard for a long time. If you fully charge it, use it for a little time, and then you can leave it.
  5. Don’t push the limits. Immediately turn it off after a low battery indication.
  6. Keep the hoverboard in a cool room.
  7. Never leave your fully charged hoverboard in front of sunlight for a long time.


I have discussed some of the most common questions about hoverboard batteries and their charging. I hope you have got the answers to all of your questions, like charging a hoverboard overnight and what happens when you overcharge it. Moreover, I have provided you with the best way to charge a hoverboard for long-lasting battery life.

These were the most common queries of almost every hoverboard owner. So, enjoy reading the article and if you have any other related questions. You can tell me in the comment section. I will quickly respond to your query with the best answer or solution.