Are you trying to find a proper way “How to charge a Swagtron hoverboard”? So your hoverboard can get saved for a longer period? If yes, you are at the right place. 

A Swagtron hoverboard can get charged by properly connecting the charger to the plug. It will show a red or blue light on the charger. Then connect it to the hoverboard’s charging port. Your device will start getting charged. Charge it until the light turns greens.

Below proper step-by-step procedure is given on the charging process of the Swagtron hoverboard. Few other queries are also resolved which might pop in your head, like how would you know it is charging, timings of charging the hoverboard, information about overnight charging, and much more. 

Steps For Charging Swagtron Hoverboard

It is essential to charge the hoverboard properly to avoid any mishap due to this. Following is the proper procedure for putting the hoverboard on charging.

  1. Use the original charger that was given along with the Swagtron hoverboard to charge it properly. 
  2. Check the voltage. Accurate voltages for charging are necessary.
  3. Carefully plug the charger into the electric board. It will show a green light on the charger which indicates the passing of power.
  4. Connect the charger to the hoverboard’s charging port. The light will turn red, showing that it is charging. 
  5.  When the light turns green, it shows that the hoverboard is completely charged, and now you can turn off the power. 

How To Know If The Swagtron Hoverboard Is Charging?

The lights play an important role in this. The hoverboard will beep or show a red light if the battery is low. When you connect the charger to the hoverboard, the light turns red, indicating that the hoverboard is charging. In some recent models, the light might be blue as well. You should be aware of the colour of the lights of your Swagtron hoverboard according to the difference in the model. As mentioned in the manual, wait for a few hours until the light turns green. This green light depicts that the hoverboard is fully charged and ready for the next ride. 

How Long Does It Take For A Swagtron Hoverboard To Charge?

The Swagtron hoverboard takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged. It is one of the finest hoverboard companies which produces quality products. The Swagtron hoverboard has different features with a fast-charging system. The only thing to remember is to turn off the power on time. Do not overcharge the product, or it will lose its tendency to ride longer ways. Surely this affects the device. The only way to keep it new and in the workable condition is to keep it as instructed in the manual. 

How Far Can A Swagtron Hoverboard Go If It Is Fully Charged?

If your Swagtron hoverboard is fully charged it can cover upto 12 miles. On average, a normal quality hoverboard can cover upto 7-8 miles, and a good one can go upto 12-15 miles. It all depends on which model you are using. Swagtron is a well-known company due to which it gives good mileage. 

Covering this many miles also depends on the conditions. Suppose the road is more uphill, so more force will be applied, and it will cover lesser miles in this much time. Body weights also matter. The maximum weight Swagtron hoverboard can carry 220 pounds. Normally if the person is of lighter weight, less pressure is on the wheels, and less time it will take to move, in case of a heavy body person, the case gets vice versa and hoverboards cover a bit shorter distance than mentioned. 

For your ease, there is also a battery indicator on the hoverboard, which will show the battery percentage and will help you in guiding or acting accordingly. Some hoverboard models have a Bluetooth option to connect it with your cell phone, and by installing the app, you can keep a record of everything. 

Can You Leave The Swagtron Hoverboard Charging Overnight?

Swagtron hoverboards only take a few hours to charge. So keeping it on charge all night can be dangerous. This could heat the battery and result in an explosion, as happened earlier with many hoverboards until they maintained standards and only UL-certified batteries were used, which proved to be the solution to the problem of heating. 

Although Swagtron hoverboards have UL-certified batteries, it is still not considered safe. It is a risk that no person would ever take. Overnight charging can have other side effects too. It can negatively affect the battery and lower its battery life. It might happen that it does not cover a few miles on a full charge, and you see the low sign of the battery. In short, the performance can get affected. It can also swell the batteries, which can be harmful to the hoverboard. So to avoid all such things, it is better to charge the hoverboard as per the time mentioned (2 to 3 hours) only.

What Do You Do If A Swagtron Hoverboard Does Not Charge?

If you have your hoverboard on charging and it does not show the lights to confirm if it is charging or not, do not panic. Just see if you have properly plugged in the plugs or not. If yes, your charger might not be working. You can replace it with a new charger but remember to buy the same charger used for your hoverboard. 

If the charger is not the problem, your battery could be. It might show the light but does not charge as the battery can get weak with time. Or, on a full charge, the battery falls quickly. The orange light also indicates that there is some issue with the battery. So if any signs show the damaged battery replace it as soon as possible. 

There could be some other problems as well. It is advised to use the hoverboard as per instruction to avoid loss. Also, take care of the battery timing, and the life of the hoverboard increases. Also, never compromise on the quality and always go for UL-certified hoverboards. You can also approach Swagtron customer service if you can’t encounter the problem or find the solution.


The Swagtron hoverboard is easy to use and charge. A proper way of charging is mentioned above, focusing on plugging properly and on the lights. There is a great role of charging on the hoverboard as it can affect many things if any careless attitude is shown. It is recommended not to overcharge the hoverboard for more than 3 hours. It can cause many mishaps or weaken the performance of hoverboards if this regularly happens. Charging it timely and appropriately will increase the life of the hoverboard.