Hoverboards are beautiful gifts, and spending holidays with this self-riding device would be a good option. You might think of carrying your hoverboard with you when traveling by airplane. Is it possible for you to bring your hoverboard with you on the plane? Are they allowed on airplanes?

Most airlines have banned hoverboards while traveling due to security reasons, as lithium-ion batteries can catch fire or explode when they are overheated. But they are not banned on all airlines; you can bring lithium batteries with 160W power with carry-on luggage on a few airlines.

In this article, you will learn why hoverboards are not allowed on airplanes. What should you do with your motorized machine if you are interested in getting your hoverboard with you while traveling through airlines?

Hoverboards Are Allowed On Airplanes.

Hoverboards are allowed on airplanes only if their batteries have less or equal 160Watt power.

You can purchase from an authorized dealer, and batteries are correctly labeled.

Most airline services have banned hoverboards from one place to another through airplanes due to their lithium batteries.

why Hoverboards Are not Allowed On Airplanes.

Although lithium-ion batteries are safe and uncommon to catch fire or even explode until they are correctly assembled, not overheated, and damaged.

But in some cases, when the contents of lithium-ion batteries are pressed, they get damaged or punctured due to some accident. It results in an explosion as the lithium reacts with the water in the air and results in a fire or explosion.

Most hoverboards consist of lithium-ion batteries that are more powerful to give a more smooth and long drive.

If appropriately manufactured, there is no issue and charge according to the time mentioned on the batteries due to overcharging or exposure to high heat or temperature.

Some low-quality hoverboards can be the reason for battery explosion.

Best quality hoverboards are manufactured with unique and advanced battery protection techniques against the danger of overheating or short circuits.

Due to battery concerns, airlines are reluctant to allow passengers to carry lithium-ion-powered equipment with them. In detail, let’s see the different reasons for not allowing hoverboards on airplanes.

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Why Are hoverboards Banned On Several Airplanes?

Below are some of the reasons hoverboards are banned on different airplanes. 

  • Lithium-ion batteries are used with high power due to their high-speed demand. That is why they are considered dangerous. 
  • Some manufacturers sell hoverboards with improper labeling of lithium batteries.
  • Hoverboards are very expensive, so many manufacturers install poor lithium-ion batteries that catch fire when overheated. 
  • Lithium-powered hoverboards can be dangerous and harmful for the passengers if they catch fire during flight.
  • Most airlines do not allow the passengers to come with their products operating by defective or damaged lithium-ion batteries. 
  • Defective batteries have more chances to explode or cause damage to the airplane or the passengers.
  • Many hoverboards catching fire and exploding due to lithium-ion batteries have been reported in the United States. 
  • You can not carry self-balancing and motorized devices on the aircraft to ensure riders’ and passengers’ safety at the airport and inside the plane.

How Can You Carry A Hoverboard On A Plane?

Most airlines have an issue with lithium-ion batteries because of their harmful effects when they explode due to accidents.

Some hoverboards can be operated without using lithium-ion batteries. You can carry those with you while flying. 

But before carrying this to the airport, you need to contact the airline you are traveling to decide. If they allow you, then decide to bring your hoverboard with you.

Following are the different options to carry the hoverboard on airplanes.

  • It would be safe to pack the hoverboard in a safe and secure box without the batteries.
  • Keep the batteries with you only if they are appropriately labeled and of good quality.
  • You can carry the lithium-free operated hoverboard with check-in luggage.
  • If your hoverboard is from SWAGTRON, you can bring it with you while flying via aircraft because all the hoverboards by SWAGTRON use lithium-free batteries.
  • If your hoverboard operates the lithium-ion battery with equal or less than 16watt power, then there is no danger of it exploding or catching fire at low power. 
  • So, few airlines allow the riders to bring such kinds of hoverboards.  But the battery must be of good quality and removed from the hoverboard. Then pack the batteries carefully before taking them to the airport.

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Alternative To Carrying A Hoverboards On The Plane

If you decide to take your favorite hoverboard with you when traveling to another country, you can do a few things.

Firstly, you need to contact the airline rules and regulation department and get permission to bring the hoverboard with you.

Some airlines have entirely banned the transfer of any hoverboard or lithium-operated electronic devices. But some others can allow you to bring the hoverboard with your checked-in luggage while the batteries with your carry-on baggage are less than 160watt power.

Some airlines can allow you to take your hoverboard with you. Then you need to pack the battery carefully and keep the batteries along with your carry bag. 

Some of the possible suggestions are here to guide you when you are willing to take your hoverboard with you while flying via an aircraft.

  • Decide to travel through that airline which allows you to take your hoverboard.
  • Get the batteries off and take the hoverboard alone with your checked-in luggage.
  • Get the new batteries when you reach your destination before riding the hoverboard.
  • Get the SWAGTRON hoverboard or any other that can run with lithium-free batteries.
  • If you fail to get the hoverboard with you, then send it via ground services like UMS and Fed-Ex. You can receive your hoverboard at the given address. But this would be very costly for you because they charge for the weight of the hoverboard and the distance of the destination point.
  • If it is urgent to transfer the hoverboard to your destination, you should travel via car, bus, or taxi. There would be no restriction of taking lithium-free hoverboards or without a battery.


Hoverboards are great fun for both kids and adults in their leisure time. Most airlines do not allow hoverboards to carry on the aircraft. Everyone loves to ride on hoverboards to enjoy their holidays and lively weekends.

You can not take your hoverboard with a lithium battery on airplanes because of security reasons. The lithium batteries can catch fire and explode when overheated. But you can bring hoverboards with lithium-free batteries to a few airlines.

The alternative ways include taking the hoverboard without a battery or sending the hoverboard with UPS or Fed-Ex. The best way is to take your hoverboard without a battery get the new battery on reaching your destination. It can increase the expense but save your timings.