Is your hoverboard blinking red? Did you find it unusual as it has never happened before? Is there any beeping sound you heard with the flashing of a red light? These symptoms indicate some issues in the hoverboard.

Swagtron hoverboard gives signs to trigger some warning. It might beep or flash the red light on the hoverboard. It could be a low battery sign, a warning for loose wiring, a problem in some internal part or wheel, etc. The problem can be detected by the number of times red light flashes. 

When you buy a hoverboard, you are not aware of the problems caused by it. When you notice something uncertain while using, the drive to know the problem increases. The issue of the red blinking light enlightens many factors by which it is flashing. You will know the reason and solutions for this here.

Reason For Red Flashing Light In Swagtron Hoverboard

Flashing of red lights occurs when the hoverboard encounters some kind of issue. Any irregularity can make it beep and show you red dot light on the hoverboard. The number of times the red light flashes indicates different issues. Following are the numbers showing different issues.

  • Red light flashing 1 time

If only a single red light flashes, it means there is some issue in the motherboard.

  • Red light flashing 2 and 3 time

Twice flashing indicates some issue in the circuit board. 

  • Red light flashing 4 time

It indicates an issue with the motor on the side of the motherboard.

  • Red light flashing 5 time

There is an issue with the motor on the side of the battery. 

  • Red light flashing 6 time

When six times the light flashes, it means there is some issue in the battery. Or the hoverboard has a bad battery.

  • Red light flashing 7 and 8 times

Seven and eight times flashing indicates the non-functionality of the gyroscope. 

  • Red light flashing 9 time

If the hoverboard is not in the leveled position, it will show a continuous flash nine times.

Solutions Of Red Flashing Light In The Swagtron Hoverboard

To encounter the issue, you need to notice the number of flashing red lights. So you might know the real purpose of this problem. Following are the solutions to the above problem encountered.

  • If there is a problem with the motherboard, you can always open the hoverboard, disconnect the wires, and reconnect all the motherboard connections again. If this does not work, you have to replace the motherboard.
  • The problem in the circuit board is resolved only by replacing the circuit.
  • The same is with other parts. Any motor, battery, and gyroscope issue can only be solved by replacing the parts. 
  • If it is flashing due to unevenness as you have turned the board upside down, it can be solved by placing the hoverboard properly in a stable position. 


So, i hope that you will get the solution of the problem “Why is my Swagtron hoverboard blinking red?” A Swagtron hoverboard might show a blinking red light when some problem has occurred in the hoverboard. If any part of the hoverboard is damaged or not in proper working order, the hoverboard starts indicating by flashing red light and beeping. It is easy to know where the problem lies as the number of flashes is related to specific problems. And all of that can be solved by replacing the troubling part.