Are you facing any problems with your hoverboard? Is it not turning on or not charging? Why is my Jetson hoverboard not charging? And you have no idea what the problem is and how to deal with it? It is frustrating, right? But no worries, reading this will surely solve your queries. 

The Jetson hoverboard might have some issue with the charger or the battery, which causes a charging problem. Other than that, there could also be a problem with other parts of the hoverboard. Due to these reasons, the hoverboard doesn’t turn on or charge and causes trouble.

In such cases, a person might get anxious, especially regarding such electronic devices. Below details of the problems are discussed along with solutions so, in case of any trouble, you would know how to handle it. 

What Are The Reasons Why My Jetson Hoverboard Not Charging?

If you need to go out on your hoverboard and it doesn’t start at the last moment, it would be a big disappointment. You put it on the charge, and it is not charging. You wonder what must be the reason for this to happen. So there are many reasons mentioned below for you which might be the cause. 

  1. Charger issues:

If the charger of the Jetson hoverboard is not properly plugged, it might affect and the hoverboard does not get charged. 

Connect the device with the charger and see if the red light appears or not. Even if it appears, wait to charge until it turns green. If not, your charger is disordered, and you need to replace it. 

  1. Defective Battery

If the charger is not the problem, the battery is the next focus. If your hoverboard doesn’t last long and loses battery soon, the battery is definitely the problem. 

You can also check this by checking the volts of the battery with the help of a voltmeter. If it does not show the right volts, it will confirm that the battery is out of order. 

  1. Defective motherboard

If both of the above issues are not causing the problem, then it might be possible that the motherboard of the Jetson hoverboard is causing the charging problem. 

  1. Wiring issue

If any wire inside the hoverboard is detached or broken, it will indicate the problems caused inside the hoverboard. You can open the hoverboard and see this by yourself. 

What Do You Do If Your Hoverboard Won’t Charge?

When you find any problem with your hoverboard, you immediately do two things.

  1. Look for the reasons which might be causing the problem.
  2. Try fixing it. 

Problems can be caused by a defect in the charger, battery, or motherboard, or there could be some wiring issue, etc. If any of the reasons is the cause, below some solutions are given for the various problems so that you can easily fix them. 

  • See the plug and connect it properly if not. 
  • If the charger is not charging and is out of order so replace the charger. Make sure to buy the same charger for your hoverboard otherwise it can be problematic.
  • Rarely it happens that the problem lies within the motherboard? The only option by which you can fix it is by replacing it. Ensure to replace it from the company so they will respond well and give you the right thing to fix your hoverboard. 
  • The charging problem is often related to the battery. If your battery is damaged, your hoverboard will not charge or lose its battery within no time. The solution is to replace the new battery with the old one. 
  • To replace the battery, open the screws from the bottom of the hoverboard near the wheels. The battery port is open. Pull out the old battery, and replace the new one.
  • Sometimes this issue can be resolved by resetting the hoverboard. It will erase all the previous settings, and you can have a fresh start. Restarting can also help if the board is showing any minor problems.
  • Loosening of wiring can cause the hoverboard not to respond well or not charge. You can check by opening and fixing it. 

Tips For Keeping Jetson Hoverboard Safe

There are some important tips which can help you in keeping your hoverboard safe and sound for a longer period. 

  • Do not overuse the hoverboard.
  • Do not overcharge your hoverboard. Just keep it in charge for the time mentioned.
  • Do not keep in sunlight or heated places.
  • Connect the plug properly to the electric board, which has the right voltage to charge the hoverboard.
  • Always buy a hoverboard from a reliable company to avoid such issues.
  • Be aware of all the functions and parts of the hoverboard. 
  • Do not panic. Find the problem, and see if you can solve it. If not, try contacting the company to resolve your problem. In such cases, your warranty will help you a lot. 


Any electronic device can get damaged at any point due to various reasons. The same case is with hoverboards. Mainly, when the device does not get charged, it is due to a charge or battery issue. Very few it happens that the device might cause other problems. Like every problem has a solution, not charging issues are resolvable. Also, with some pro tips hoverboard can last longer without causing any temporary issues. I hope you find this article “Why is my Jetson hoverboard not charging?” helpful in knowing the reasons and what to do in such a situation.