Do you want to know about “Where is the serial number on a Jetson hoverboard?”Where is it located? Why it is important and much more. 

Serial numbers are present on almost everything. The serial number of the Jetson hoverboard is found on the downside of the hoverboard next to the wheel. It can also be mentioned on the charger. 

This article intends to tell you the importance of serial numbers and where they are located. While owning a device, you should know every little detail about it. 

Why is it important to have a serial number on a Jetson hoverboard?

The serial number on every device is essential. On the Jetson hoverboard, it is written on a white and black sticker or can be engraved as well. It can also be mentioned on the charger or the packaging box. It is in numbers and the alphabet. This serial number is used for the following reasons.

  • This 17 character long serial number is different for every product. Due to this, it is easy to distinguish one product from another. 
  • If you need any spare parts, you can order them by mentioning the serial number of your hoverboard. 
  • It is useful for warranty claims as well. They can replace the product within 30 days of the claim. 
  • Jetson company has a Jetson care system in which you can claim your hoverboard if you have any kind of problem. The serial number makes it easy to identify the model and what specific problem could occur. So it can get solved quicker this way. 

Final verdict 

The serial number used to identify the product is like fingerprints, different for every person. Turn the Jetson hoverboard upside down to know the number, and it will be mentioned there. It is very important to have this number. Every product’s serial number is different, which helps in many things. It gets easy to identify a specific product and claim the warranty, etc. It would be easy for you to find the serial number and know its importance.