Jetson company produces different types of hoverboards. Jetson Sphere is one of the finest products of this company. You might wonder if its style grabs your attention to look at its features? Would you like to know more about Sphere hoverboards?

The Jetson sphere is a stylish, advanced hoverboard with many attributes like lights, deck, wheels, and motor. The most interesting feature is the active balancing technology that ensures the rider’s balance on the board. Therefore, kids can also use this amazing hoverboard without any difficulty.

In making a hoverboard that everyone demands, one should look at the features and factors associated with making a good hoverboard. Let me discuss those things which make a hoverboard reliable and durable for the riders to use.  

Features Of Jetson Sphere Hoverboard

Jetson sphere is a self-balancing type of hoverboard with many outstanding features that make the hoverboard stylish and worth buying. These features are mentioned below. 

  • Wheels:

Wheels are the important part of a hoverboard due to which the board moves. Bigger wheels maintain more balance even on terrain. Jetson Sphere has 6.5 inches wheels on which you can comfortably travel. 

  • Active balancing technology:

The Jetson Sphere has advanced technology of active balancing. Due to this technology, there are internal sensors that keep the board at a level and maintain a stable position that keeps you safe from falling.

  • Led lights

Jeston sphere has fancy LED lights on the board, making it stylish and attractive. It also helps in the dark. 

  • Speed and range

Speed and range are vital to be known for the rider so that you can plan the ride to the destination accordingly. The Jetson sphere has a maximum speed of 10 mph and a range of 10 miles. 

  • Motor

The motor supplies the power to the board by which it works. Jetson Sphere has a 300-watt motor.

  • Slope 

This feature helps the hoverboard to hover on a curved surface. The jetson sphere can easily climb upto a 10-degree angle. It means not only on flat surfaces, but it can climb on sloped surfaces without letting a person fall.

  • Weight limit

The weight limit is important and different for each hoverboard. This shows how much weight a hoverboard could carry. The maximum weight a Jetson sphere can carry is 220 lbs. 

How Long Does The Jetson Sphere Battery Last?

Jetson sphere battery is UL certified. Its battery lasts for 3 to 4 hours. It comes with a one year warranty. 

The battery is a risky factor in the hoverboard as many times the explosion has occurred due to the poor quality of the battery. Due to this factor, only those batteries that are considered safe are UL certified, which means it meets the safety standard.

What Makes A Jetson Sphere A Good Hoverboard?

There are many factors which contribute to making the Jetson sphere a good hoverboard. Following are these factors mentioned in detail.

  • Design:

The overall appearance of the hoverboard, its stylish look, comfortable footrest, and fancy led lights all are designed in such a way that it not only attracts customers but also provides comfort to them. It is a lightweight hoverboard that provides flawless rides to the riders. 

  • Quality

Jetson focuses on quality, whether it is the quality of external parts or internal. Its wheels, deck, motor, battery, and everything they use in making it is of good quality and therefore last longer. 

Jetson sphere hoverboard is listed in UL 2722. It means these hoverboards are safe and free from overheating explosions. It also has a 1-year warranty to claim. 

  • Performance

The performance of the hoverboard is incredibly flawless. It excels in both power and performance. It has a 300 hub motor which can take you 10 miles away with a speed of 10 mph. Its balancing technology keeps the hoverboard in a stable position, and the durable wheel takes you on terrain surfaces safely. 

  • Price 

The price factor is vital as you always look for a hoverboard which fulfils your demand and is affordable at the same time. Price depicts the value of the product and also affects the buyer’s decision. 

Final Verdict

Jetson sphere has advanced features with stylish looks that make the hoverboard reliable and durable. It has all those features that a person needs to have in a hoverboard, and most importantly, it is UL listed, which makes it safe for use. Kids of 12+ age can easily use it. Its features, safety, comfort, and reliability factor surely make it a good hoverboard to go for.