Are you interested in buying a hoverboard and seeing Jetson as an option? It will help if you investigate a few things you think are necessary, such as the safety standards. You have the right to be sure whether the product you are buying is worth it.

Jetson hoverboards are considered good as they meet all the customers’ demands. They follow good safety measures to be safe, and they are UL certified, which means these hoverboards won’t blow up. Many of their models are water-resistant, which allows the rider to enjoy their ride despite any hindrance. 

The main concern before buying a hoverboard is whether it is good or not. The increasing number of mishaps like the blowing-up hoverboards might make you curious to be sure about your safety. This article covers many queries related to Jetson hoverboards and makes you aware of many features. 

Characteristic of a good hoverboard

Mainly while looking for a hoverboard, the rider sees the appearance, size of wheels, how much weight it can carry, speed, slope (climbing angle), motor, and price. They see these things to ensure that you can maintain a proper balance on terrain surfaces and use them whenever or wherever you want. Let’s discuss the following features which make a hoverboard good. 

  • Wheels:

The size of wheels plays an important part in balancing. The bigger wheels assure more stability on terrain surfaces. The size of the Jetson wheel is 6.5 inches, which is a normal generic size and is good for balancing. It has lights on the wheels, which make it look cool. 

  • Weight:

It is important to see how much weight a hoverboard can carry as riders have to step on it to ride, so it’s necessary to know the weight. Jetson hoverboards can carry upto 220 pounds (100 kg approximately). 

  • Speed:

Knowing the speed is necessary for going to destinations so you can estimate the time. The average speed of a Jetson hoverboard is 10 miles per hour. 

  • Battery:

The appearance of a good battery matters a lot so that the hoverboard works properly and lasts longer. The Jetson battery meets a set standard and is UL certified, which assures you the safety of the board and your life. 

  • Quality: 

For any customer, quality matters the most, whether internal or external. The quality of the motor, battery, deck, wheels, etc. As Jetson hoverboards are UL certified, this also determines that they are good quality and safe.  

  • Water-resistant:

Jetson hoverboards are water-resistant and can be used on uneven surfaces like wet grass after rain in puddles. These boards can easily resist a small amount of water. No harm is caused to the board, and all you can do is enjoy. 


Are Jetson Hoverboards Safe?

Jetson hoverboards are considered the safest because they meet the new safety standard. They use UL-certified lithium batteries, which do not overheat and are safe. They are designed so that riders feel safe and can maintain a proper balance on them. 

Jetson has focused on the overall structure of the hoverboard. These boards are durable and have all terrains wheels, which help to ride your board on all kinds of surfaces like roads, grass, sand, etc but  while riding these hoverboards it is necessary to wear safety gears. 

Its speed limit is good and has a coverage of 12 miles. They use good quality Samsung batteries which enhances their durability. Children can also use these boards, which depict their safety level. 

In 2012 they launched these self-balancing scooters, which were every rider’s dream. Jetson produces high-end products, and the company has made a name, which people can rely on. They make everything up to the mark and easy to ride boards so customers can have a safe, happy ride.

Are Jetson Hoverboards UL Certified?

Jetson hoverboards are UL2722 certified most futuristic boards on the market. Being UL certified means the product qualifies for certain safety standards set by the company. Jetson didn’t want to compromise on rider’s life and maintained the quality by making their company listed in one of the famous companies UL, certified by testing the product.

UL certification was necessary after various cases were found of hoverboards blowing up due to overheating. These incidents were mainly caused by overheating of lithium batteries. These explosions of batteries made it necessary for the companies to make it UL certified and take the responsibility of using good genuine products for the safety of riders. 

Do Jetson Hoverboards Catch On Fire?

Hoverboards usually catch fire on exploding due to overheating. When this problem was encountered, many preventive measures were taken, like testing hoverboards and focusing on good quality UL-certified batteries to resolve this issue. 

Jetson hoverboards are safe and of good quality. They are UL certified neither their battery heats up nor they explode. So the question of catching fire doesn’t arise. 

What Causes Hoverboards To Explode?

Jetson might not cause fire, but you may wonder why the hoverboard catches fire and what preventive measures to take despite having a reliable hoverboard. Let’s first discuss the reasons for the explosion or catching fire. 

  • Overheating of battery:

Using a hoverboard for a long time can overheat the battery and cause an explosion. The lithium-ion batteries are the main cause of it.

  • Poor quality:

Many companies use low-quality products or batteries to make hoverboards, which can cause any mishap. 

  • Overnight charging:

It is not suitable for any electrical product to charge overnight. It can lessen the battery’s life and can heat the battery too. Hoverboard takes 3 hours to charge, and it is not appropriate to charge it for more than that. 

  • Manufacturing defaults

Often, there could be a problem in the product’s manufacturing or some wiring issue that can cause damage to the board and the rider. This also resulted in an explosion.

How To Keep A Hoverboard Safe From Exploding?

A hoverboard is an electric device, and no matter how safe a device is, it is always good to take precautions. Following are some of the safety measures one should take.

  • Always buy products from a reliable company that will sell good quality products like Jetson.
  • Do not overcharge your hoverboard. 
  • Keep it in a cool place instead of placing it in a place where direct sunlight shows up.
  • Use of UL-certified batteries. 

Are Jetson Hoverboards Waterproof?

Many features of the Jetson hoverboard attract hoverboard lovers. Jetson hoverboards are water-resistant, not waterproof. There is a minor difference between these two things. Being water-resistant can tolerate a little water but can not stand a flood. Waterproof means no matter what amount of water is there, and it would not affect the hoverboard. 

Jetson water-resistant hoverboards enable the rider to enjoy any weather, even if it is drizzling outside. It is not suitable to ride the hoverboard in heavy rainfall as the hoverboard can get dysfunctional. 

What If Your Hoverboards Get Wet?

Knowing that Jetson hoverboards are water-resistant, you might wonder what will happen if your hoverboards get wet. A hoverboard is an electronic device, and it damages coming in contact with water. There are a few important tips that can save your hoverboard. These are mentioned below. 

  • It would be best if you immediately disconnect the battery to stop its functioning. 
  • The rice trick also works in these cases. You can put the battery or motherboard into the rice bowl. Rice absorbs the moisture, dries it, and makes the wet part in working order again. 
  • Dry the components with a towel, especially the plugs.
  • If trying the hoverboard doesn’t work, there is an option to replace the parts. 

Final Verdict 

Jetson is a valuable company that makes products for satisfying the customer. In hoverboards hearing all the blast scenarios, customers demand safety, of which Jetson assurity. Everything mainly depends on the UL certification. Once your hoverboard is certified, it means the hoverboard is safe, and it won’t blast or catch fire. Riders can use Jetson hoverboards in any weather, even if it is drizzling outside, as these are water-resistant hoverboards. They let you enjoy every moment by providing you with the best and safest design on which you don’t lose balance and have no risk of life.