Are you fun-loving with a hoverboard? Do you love listening to music while driving your jetson hoverboard, and you don’t know how to play music on a jetson hoverboard? Well, it is very simple.

You can play music on the Jetson hoverboard as it is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with speakers. Turn on the Bluetooth on both the Jetson hoverboard and your smartphone. Bluetooth allows you to connect the RideJetson App to your smartphone to play music on the Jetson hoverboard.

In this guide, I will discuss the ability of the jetson hoverboard to play music. The three different steps to play the music on the Jetson hoverboard and what to do if your smartphone is not connected with Bluetooth? Is it necessary to download the ride jetson app on your smartphone?

Play Music On Jetson Hoverboard In 3- Easy Steps

You can enjoy music from your hoverboard by connecting it with Bluetooth. Jetson hoverboards come with Bluetooth and good quality speakers. You can connect your device with your hoverboard and listen to the music within a few minutes.

Not all hoverboards are Bluetooth enabled. All-terrain hoverboards like Jetson have more powerful motors and have additional features to play music. Best quality speakers are attached with the Bluetooth receiver that plays the music whenever you give the command.

Three easy steps explain how you connect your android smartphone and iPhone with your jetson hoverboard. It can help you make your travel full of fun and enjoyment.

play music on hoverboard


The first step is to download the Ridejetson App on your smartphone. The Ridejetson app has more bells and music beams to add fun and entertainment to your rides. Jetson hoverboard is equipped with Bluetooth so that you can connect your hand device to listen to the music of your own choice.

You can download the Ridejeston App on your android and iPhone very quickly. After downloading it, go to the settings and install it.


The second step is to power on the Jetson hoverboard. If your hoverboard is on, but its battery is low, then it might be possible that you could not listen to music. Before taking rides with music, keep the battery full of charge.

connect your hoverboard with your android via Bluetooth


The last step is to turn on the Bluetooth on your device, which might be an android or iPhone. Follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone settings and turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile phone.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your Jetson hoverboard.
  • Check the screen that shows the available Bluetooth devices.
  • Pair your phone with your hoverboard.
  • Open the Bluetooth icon on your device and see the available list of apps. Select the Ridejeston App.
  • It will ask for a password. The default password is “000000”. So, enter it.
  • Jeston app is now connected with your mobile phone to play music on your hoverboard.
  • Play music via smartphone through Ridejetson App.

Be careful. You should connect your App with Bluetooth. When you operate the App, the Bluetooth logo in the App will be green. If it is not green, you need to recheck whether the App is connected with Bluetooth. At that time, the Bluetooth logo will be white.

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Can You Play Music On Jetson Hoverboard Via iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and want to play music on your Jetson hoverboard, simply connect your hoverboard with your iPhone. The steps involved are:

  • Turn on your hoverboard, and if it gives a sound, it means the Bluetooth is turned on. If you do not hear the sound, wait until it produces sound.
  • Then open the settings in your iPhone.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings and see the available devices list. You need to refresh this list.
  • If your hoverboard is turned on and paired up with your iPhone, it will be visible in this list. Your hoverboard will make a sound again. It means it is connected to your iPhone.
  • Now is the time to play the music of your choice during rides.

What If Your Jetson Hoverboard Is Not Connected To The App?

You must turn on the Bluetooth on both devices. If not connected, then disconnect the hoverboard from your device list of available Bluetooth devices. Reconnect it again. You can play any music on your hoverboard unless connected to the App on your hand devices, like a smartphone or iPhone.

For Jetson hoverboards, speakers and Bluetooth service make it possible to connect them with the App. It is necessary to turn on the Bluetooth on mobile and the hoverboard.

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How Would You Reset The Bluetooth On Your Hoverboard?

If the Bluetooth is not functional on your hoverboard, you need to reset it. Place the hoverboard on a leveled surface and turn it off completely. Press the silver power on button of the hoverboard for 5 seconds and wait till you hear the sound.

The hoverboard will be functioning as Bluetooth is connected now. Enjoy the music by clicking the music app with your hoverboard. Keep your mobile phone or iPhone with you; otherwise, the hoverboard stops playing the music if you forget the mobile anywhere.

Within the range of 10 feet from the mobile, your hoverboard can play the music because Bluetooth does not support the App to play music from a long distance.

What Do Speakers Do On The Jetson Hoverboard?

Jetson hoverboard has built-in high-quality Bluetooth speakers and has a more powerful battery that allows the device to play the clear and lovely sound of the track by using the ride jetson app through a smartphone.

The speakers have a loud sound to enjoy their ride with music and cannot disturb the surrounding voices. Sometimes, the sound of the speakers can be annoying. But you have the option to stop or play the music whenever you want.

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After connecting it to the mobile or iPhone, you can play music on your jetson hoverboard by using the ride jetson music app. The Bluetooth speakers and Its high-power motor allow it to play music for as long as you take the ride. Download and then connect the mobile app Ride jetson to your hoverboard. You should turn on the Bluetooth on both of your devices so that you can enjoy the non-stop music of your choice. Before playing the music, it is better to keep your hoverboard fully charged.