Do you own a Jetson hoverboard with the Bluetooth option? Are you keen to know how to pair it with another device so you can get the full benefit out of it? The connecting process of the Jetson hoverboard is described thoroughly.

Many Jetson company’s hoverboard models have built-in Bluetooth that can be connected with your handheld devices. For pairing, turn on the Bluetooth of the hoverboard, and on your device, search for it and tap to pair it. Hence, you can connect your hoverboard for more benefits in this simple way. 

Further, the detailed process of connecting Jetson hoverboards is elaborated. It is also explained why Bluetooth is important in hoverboards. Bluetooth queries regarding Jetson Plasma Luminous are also mentioned. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To A Jetson Hoverboard?

These two-wheel self-balancing rides are evolving like any other thing. The availability of Bluetooth is one of the advancements in the hoverboard. Before connecting, you need to make sure that your hoverboard has a Bluetooth option. 

Many Jetson hoverboards have this option, but not all. It depends on the model. If you like to listen to music, this option is great. By following these steps, your Jetson hoverboard will get connected. 

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the Jetson hoverboard by pressing the power button. When the hoverboard is turned on, Bluetooth is automatically activated. You will get notified by the sound.
  2. Now turn on the Bluetooth of the device with which you want to connect your hoverboard with. 
  3. If you want to pair your hoverboard with your cell phone, go to settings and tap on connections, then tap on the Bluetooth to turn it on. 
  4. Search for the device and make sure that you are not out of range of the hoverboard.
  5. When the hoverboard device appears on the phone, tap to connect. 
  6. On connection, a sound is produced that ensures the connection.
  7. If your hoverboard is connectable to the Ride Jetson app, you can simply open the app and touch the Bluetooth option on the top left corner to connect. 

Why Does A Hoverboard Have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is found in the latest version of the hoverboards as the trend of music is too much these days. People want to hear music no matter what they do. It relaxes the mind and increases performance. This is why companies have introduced built-in Bluetooth and speaker options in the hoverboard. So you can easily connect it with your cell phone or tab and enjoy the ride listening to your favorite music. 

To play the music, podcast, or any audio, you need to open the music player app and tap to play the audio of your choice. Once the Bluetooth is connected, you just need to play the music, and you are ready to go. 

With the help of Bluetooth, you can connect your hoverboard to the phone, control the modes, and look at the battery status. Jetson provides an app that you can download on your handheld device for all such benefits. 

Does The Jetson Plasma Hoverboard Have Bluetooth?

Jetson plasma illuminated hoverboards are a good option to go for. Checking out the Jetson company hoverboards, you might select a Plasma illuminated hoverboard and want to know about its features, especially about the option of Bluetooth. 

Jetson plasma is overall stylish with a self-balancing mode and a long battery. But it doesn’t have a Bluetooth option. So if you want a fun ride with some music, this is not the right option for you. 

Why Is Your Jetson Hoverboard Not Connecting Bluetooth?

Sometimes your Bluetooth might be unable to connect, which can happen for various reasons. 

  • If the Bluetooth is off, turn off the hoverboard and start again.
  • If the device you want to connect is out of range.
  • Charging could be one of the reasons for this. 

Any of these could be the reason that your Bluetooth troubles you in connecting. But these problems are solvable. You just have to ensure a few things like your battery is full, the device is not out of range, and Bluetooth is on. If the hoverboard is causing other problems, you can always try resetting the hoverboard or restarting it. 


It is easy to pair a Jetson hoverboard if your hoverboard contains Bluetooth. You can pair them up by turning on the hoverboard and Bluetooth on the handheld device. A Bluetooth connection is useful for listening to your favorite music or audio while riding from one place to another. Or by riding it in the park as playtime etc. Not all Jetson models have Bluetooth like Plasma illuminated. So before buying, it is great if you know your interest and purchase the hoverboard accordingly.