Whenever you purchase any electronic device, you consider its battery timing. You want its battery to last longer. Similarly, if you want to buy a hoverboard, you must get the one that can last longer. Let’s see how long does the hoverboard battery last and How can you make your hoverboard battery last longer?

Better care for the hoverboard battery can make it last longer. A fully charged hoverboard battery can run for 2-3 hours. You can make it more efficient by checking the battery before every ride. It must be fully charged, not exceed speed limit & weight limits, and ridden in open areas.

In this article, you can learn the precautions for improving the battery timing of your hoverboards. What are the factors that affect the efficiency of the battery? What if you charge the battery overnight? Let’s discuss this in detail.

How Can Hoverboard Battery Last Longer?

Hoverboards battery can last longer depending upon the care you made for the batteries. Every hoverboard battery is different depending upon the model of the hoverboard and its specific features and specifications. The way you use the hoverboard also affects its battery.

Most hoverboards use an excellent lithium-ion battery and give the maximum range of batteries to give more accurate and uninterrupted rides. It can run the hoverboard fast because the battery is more powerful. If you do not care for the battery, the battery’s efficiency falls gradually.

Care For The Hoverboard Battery

The role of the hoverboard battery is vital if you want more fun out of your hoverboard and ride it for long hours. Every battery has indicator lights that tell you whether your hoverboard battery needs a charge or is ultimately charged.

Once the battery is fully charged, you can enjoy the ride for 3-4 hours. It depends on the type of battery your hoverboard has and how much that is maintained to keep it riding for more time. So, I will discuss the following important aspects that will help you to care for your hoverboard battery to make its life longer in one charge.

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How to take care for hoverboard battery

Check The Battery Before Every Ride.

Check your hoverboard’s battery before every ride to ensure a smooth and speedy drive. You must fully charge your hoverboard battery if you do not want any interruption or unexpected battery death.

When you turn on the hoverboard and show the red light, you should charge the hoverboard first. Do not start the hoverboard until it is fully charged. The person who owns the hoverboard should be responsible and know the protocols to use the battery wisely.

Again and again, charging the hoverboard can reduce the battery’s capacity to retain the battery for long. One-time full charging is a good option if you want to enjoy the ride for maximum time. Once the hoverboard beeps, charge it again until its battery is completed.

Do Not Exceed The Weight Limit.

Each hoverboard is made for a specific weight limit. Kids, teenagers, and adults hoverboards all have different weight limits. Below are the types of different hoverboards and their specific weight limit.

Type of a Hoverboard

Weight Limit

Kids hoverboards

Compact Design and Small Wheels

Teenagers hoverboards

Less Powered Motors

Adults hoverboards

Regular Usage

Heavy adults hoverboards

Difficult Navigation

Riding a hoverboard with more than the weight limit is terrible for the hoverboard and can affect the battery as the battery needs more power to keep the hoverboard moving. The battery has to work more than its efficiency. That’s why it goes down fast.

It is good never to exceed the weight limits and do not carry the loads or kids with you on the hoverboard that can put you in trouble in the form of hoverboard breakage or any injuries due to an accident. Despite that, you can drive it alone and carry your bag, and both should not exceed the weight limit to keep the battery safe and in a good working position.

Drive The Hoverboard On Roads

Driving the hoverboard on leveled, smooth roads can appropriately utilize the battery. When you move the hoverboard on an uneven surface having pits or obstacles in the way, humans, or any other animals that may come in your way, you need to slow down or stop and restart the hoverboard again and again.

Continuous stop and restart can consume more power from the battery. It could be harmful to the battery. The wise way is to run the hoverboard with uniform speed on an open area with fewer stops.

Charge The Hoverboard Timely

The timely charging of the battery is a good sign for keeping the battery in good condition. When you start the hoverboard and turn on the green light, it means the battery is full, and you can ride the hoverboard. Sometimes, you start your hoverboard, but it is dead and indicates no light or red light. It means it needs charging.

Regular charging is essential for the long run of your hoverboard battery. Never let it die as it affects the working efficiency of the battery. If you do not charge the battery daily, you do not need to run your hoverboard.

The battery discharges itself and dies at the end. So, never wait for the end of the battery. Charge the hoverboard when it starts beeping and charge it till its battery is full.

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Factors Affecting The Hoverboard Battery Time

Besides that, you are giving excellent care to your hoverboard’s battery; certain factors can affect the hoverboard battery time. Let’s discuss.

Battery Type Of The Hoverboard

Battery type is an essential factor that can reduce the battery’s efficiency. A reliable, authentic, and guaranteed battery can retain the charge longer and run the hoverboard for a long time.

The hoverboard comes with its original built-in battery having specific features and power supply. So, it is better to check the battery efficacy at the time of purchase.

Rider’s Weight

The rider’s weight can reduce the life of the battery. The battery consumes more when a heavier person rides the hoverboard that is not according to his weight. The best is to purchase the right hoverboard that must fit your weight for your convenience.

Condition Of The Road

The rough and off-road drive of the hoverboard can consume the battery fast compared to smooth and open areas. If you want more fun out of this self-balancing, you need to select straight roads or get the hoverboards that can run off-road.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions also affect the battery. When you drive the hoverboard in extreme cold weather conditions, its battery gets damaged. It might be slow or not working correctly in cold conditions.

The battery may get heated in too hot weather and cause burning or a slight explosion. So, always try to keep the hoverboard and its charger at room temperature between 20- 40 degrees Celsius.

Is Overcharging Good For The Battery?

Overcharging could be dangerous for the hoverboard battery. If you overcharge the hoverboard, it can heat the batteries. Most hoverboards use lithium-ion batteries that can even burn when left charging for long hours.

Overcharging may decrease the efficacy of the battery if you are running the hoverboard for 1 hour on one battery. Overcharging can reduce the ride time to half. The affected battery may need to charge more often or take more time to charge it fully.

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To enjoy the smooth and accurate hoverboard drive, you need to maintain its battery. You can make your hoverboard battery last longer by giving excellent care to the battery.

If you check the battery before every ride that must be fully charged, not putting the weight more than the hoverboard limit, charging it regularly, carefully, and never letting it die can increase the battery timing.

Always select the hoverboard with an original battery for smooth rides and charge it regularly, even if you are not using the hoverboard. Avoid overcharging. Riding on a smooth and leveled surface with no stops can help the battery last longer.

If somehow, your hoverboard’s battery is no longer maintaining the charge then you need to replace it, and here is you can replace your hoverboard battery.