Hoverboards are smart mini e-vehicles that work by self-balancing technology. They were loved by everyone when they were first released.

You must be a hoverboard lover and planning to buy one, but you wanted to know how fast a hoverboard goes or the average hoverboard speed. This is the most common question that gets into everyone’s mind when they see a hoverboard.

This is the most common question that gets into everyone’s mind when they see a hoverboard.

Hoverboards can travel up to 6-12 miles per hour. Their speed may vary due to various factors like Surface Condition, Specification, and Rider’s Weight. These all factors have a powerful impact on the average speed of a hoverboard. However, 6-12 miles is the average speed of almost all hoverboards.

As I have mentioned, the hoverboard’s speed depends on various factors.

Many manufacturers are making hoverboards with different specifications, and that is why they all are different in terms of top speed.

Let’s discuss this topic in detail and explore different hoverboard speed limits.

Speed Limits of Different Hoverboards

Many brands and companies are manufacturing different models of hoverboards in different sizes. They are different in terms of specifications and features.

Let’s discuss some common sizes of hoverboards and their speed limits. This will help you choose the best hoverboard size according to your speed requirements.

4.5 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

4.5 inches is the smallest size of hoverboard specially made for the children to have fun and enjoy the ride. These hoverboards have an average top speed of 3 to 5 miles per hour.

They are made slower due to the safety of the kids. Fast-speed hoverboards can make children unbalanced, which can result in falls and serious injuries.

So, if you are looking for a safe hoverboard for your kid, then 4.5 inch sized hoverboards would be a great choice because they are specially made for the kids.

4.5 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

6.5 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

The 6.5-inch hoverboard is considered one of the most popular sizes. Both children and teens love them, and due to the compact size, they can go up to 6 to 8 miles per hour depending on the surface and rider’s weight.

These category hoverboards are recommended for teens and adults that want to experience a thrill and excitement by riding them outside.

If you are looking for an ideal hoverboard that can travel at medium speed and take you around the town, this would be the best choice.

Almost all hoverboard brands make this size hoverboard; you can buy a well-reputed 6.5-inch hoverboard and enjoy the ride.

6.5 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

8 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

An 8-inch wheel-sized hoverboard is the most common hoverboard size. They are considered good for all, including children, teens, and adults.

Depending on the rider and the surface, they can travel at an average speed of 7 to 9 miles per hour. If the surface is rough or the rider is over the weight limit, the speed will be compromised.

If you are looking for a hoverboard for yourself, then this is also a decent option for you to choose.

8-inch wheel-sized hoverboards can easily travel on the rough surface due to their bigger wheel size and can take more weight as compared to the smaller-sized hoverboards.

8 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

8.5 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

8.5-inch hoverboards can go up to 10 miles per hour. Many manufacturers make these sized hoverboards, and they are all different in terms of the speed limit, travel range, features, etc.

They are very good in terms of speed and weight capacity. They can handle a slightly heavy rider’s weight while also traveling at the top speed of 10 miles per hour.

If you are looking for the best and convenient hoverboard for yourself, you can consider buying an 8.5-inch hoverboard. They are the most common-sized hoverboards, and you will find them the best in each aspect.

8.5 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

10 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

10-inch hoverboards can go up to 8 to 12 miles per hour. The speed may vary depending on the brand and overall specification of the hoverboard.

These kinds of hoverboards are most popular among tall riders because they provide a convenient ride experience to the big riders.

10-inch hoverboards provide a decent speed limit and perform some off-ride activities due to their bigger wheel size.

So, if you are looking for a tough hoverboard for yourself that can provide the best travel experience by performing off-road activities.

You can consider buying this sized hoverboard; they are best in the speed limit and overall performance.

10 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

Segway Hoverboard Speed Limit

Segway hoverboards are the most advanced and powerful hoverboards. Depending on their size and specifications, they can travel up to 6-13 miles per hour of top speed.

They are specially made for hardcore operations and go anywhere due to their bigger wheel size.

If you are looking for a rough & tough self-balancing mini-vehicle, you can consider buying this.

They just do not travel at the highest speed but also provide an excellent travel range compared to the other hoverboards.

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Type of hoverboardsWheels (inches)Speed (mph)
F1 Gyroor hoverboard8.5 inches12mph
G-F1 magic hoverboard8.5 inches12mph
Spadger G1 Premier8.5 inches9.5 mph
Swagtron T610 inches12mph
Halo Rover X8.5 inches10mph
Segway Ninebot S10.5 inchesTen mph
Off-road hoverboard8.5 inchesNine mph
Hover-1 Titan10 inches7.4 mph
Kids hoverboards6.5 inches9 miles

Speed Of Off-Roads Hoverboards

Off-road hoverboards are designed to run on rough, rocky, gravel, sandy, and uneven soil. They can run at different speeds ranging from 2mph-13mph. The speed of any off-road hoverboard depends on its battery type, power motor, the durability of tires and wheels. 

Some off-road hoverboards with 2-6mph speed are designed for kids who are used to riding an off-road hoverboard. They come with the highest speed of 13 miles per hour.

All-Terrain hoverboards are also available in the market both for kids and adults with an average speed of 12 miles per hour. They can run on surfaces like obstacles, sand, grass, hills, gravel, and dirt.

Speed Of Kids Hoverboards

The average-sized hoverboard for kids can go up to the speed of 6MPH- 9MPH. They are not designed for high speeds as safety measures. Kids can ride the hoverboard at 6 mph depending on their riding skills on the roads, their weight, and the power motor supplied to the hoverboard.

All-terrain types of hoverboards are also available for kids who can go upto 10 MPH. They can be best for the experts’ kids who have had the experience of riding any hoverboard before. For a safe ride, keep the speed slow when a beginner.

Speed Of Adult’s Hoverboards

For adults, several different hoverboards are introduced in the market. Usually, a hoverboard can run at 6-10 MPH. You can adjust the speed according to the skill of the rider. An all-terrain hoverboard that ranges up to 13 MPH is available for an expert.

Hoverboards are expensive due to their specific functions. Speed is one characteristic that can increase hoverboard demand because speed is necessary when reaching the destination.

Factors Affecting The Speed Of Hoverboards

All hoverboards have different speed ranges, wheel sizes, and power motors to specify their speed. You should observe the hoverboard according to your requirement when you go for a hoverboard. 

If you have to run the hoverboard in your home or the surrounding area, then you should purchase the hoverboard with an average speed. But if you live in an area where rough roads and uneven places may encounter your drive, selecting the off-road hoverboard is a good option.

Several factors can affect the speed of a hoverboard. So, when buying a hoverboard, you must keep these points in your mind.

Wheel Size

The most important factor affecting the hoverboard’s speed is the wheel size. If you buy the hoverboard for your kid, different wheel size hoverboards are available that can be safe and beneficial for beginners and expert kids. The bigger the wheel size the more will be the speed of the hoverboard.

Many kinds of hoverboards such as 4.5 inches, 6.5 inches, 8.5 inches, and 10 inches wheel size are there for adults to enjoy the speed for beginner, intermediate or expert level.  The hoverboards for adults can have more speed than the hoverboards for kids.

Battery Type

All hoverboards have power batteries with more or less efficiency to charge fast, retain the battery for a long time, and set the battery within a short time. The speed is affected by the battery power. 

Less battery power will induce less energy to operate the hoverboard, and a more powerful battery can run the hoverboard more quickly with high speed. So, if you want to run the hoverboard fast, check its battery before paying for that.

Hoverboard’s Weight

Hoverboards are made to bear a specific weight. So, the hoverboard’s weight itself is much more important while buying the hoverboard. Kids’ hoverboards are less capable of carrying heavy weight, and adult hoverboards are specially designed for heavy loads.

If the hoverboard itself is heavier, it will be slow and if the hoverboard is lightweight there are chances that it will run fast as compared to others. 

Condition Of The Road/ Environment

Hoverboards are efficient on smooth roads, but they need more powerful batteries to work efficiently and run smoothly on rough surfaces. Off-roads hoverboards are available in the market that can run on uneven surfaces and even move on inclined surfaces of about 30 inches.

The speed of a hoverboard becomes slow on a rough surface and during any environmental hazards like a storm and heavy winds due to air pressure. Pits and puddles can lower the speed until you get the more powerful batteries.


Hoverboards are excellent mini e-vehicles; they provide a decent speed with a convenient travel range. There are different hoverboards available in the market by the different brands and manufacturers; each one of them is different in terms of their specifications. They all have different travel speeds and other features, so you must be thinking about the average speed of a hoverboard.

As mentioned earlier, hoverboards can travel at an average speed of 6-12 miles per hour depending on the size, specification, surface condition, and the rider’s weight. I have discussed some common hoverboard sizes that almost all brands make, and I have also discussed their average speed. A hoverboard speed depends on its battery and wheel motor. If a hoverboard has a powerful battery and motor, it will go much faster than others.

I hope you have got the information that you were looking for. If this is not the case, you can ask your questions in the comment section below. I answer all the queries within a few minutes.