These two mini vehicles confuse the people by their name, and they consider them the same kind of mini vehicles.

Although Waveboards are an advanced shape of Skateboards, they are not operated the same as them. They are more advanced, and they require less push while riding.

Many professionals and experts recommend both hoverboard and Waveboard, but they are not suitable for everyone.

Hoverboard and Waveboard are two completely different mini vehicles. The Waveboard is an advanced shape of a skateboard with two wheels. The hoverboard is a self-balancing vehicle operated by a powerful battery. Both are related but not similar, as one is an electric vehicle and the other is manual.

You may be confused about whether you should buy a Hoverboard or a Waveboard? Which one is best and why? So, I have decided to briefly discuss these topics and determine what are the differences between them? Why should anyone buy a hoverboard or Waveboard? And What are the good or bad reasons behind this?

Hoverboard vs. Waveboard

Hoverboard vs. Waveboard

As mentioned above, hoverboards and Waveboards are entirely different vehicles. They are different in design, technology, riding experience, handling, and so on.

You can also determine their basic differences by just giving them a look. But the reason I’m here is not to tell you their differences but to educate you about their technology so you can decide which one you should buy.

So, let’s start with some significant differences that matter a lot when buying any vehicle.


The Waveboard has two small wheels of 26-27mm that are rotatable in round directions. They are capable of going on rough or bumpy roads. It consists of two docks to hold the rider’s feet.

These docks are generally very qualitative and made of high-class plastic to keep the vehicle lightweight. A Torsion Bar is also given to connect two docks, allowing them to rotate individually, making the ride more convenient and smoother.

Hoverboards consist of two wheels that are operated by electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries. They are completely electric mini vehicles that can be recharged.

A high-quality plastic made footboard can hold a rider weighted 10-100kg. The rider stands on the footboard and controls the vehicle by just shifting their weight in an appropriate direction.

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Different manufacturers make many hoverboards, and some of them are different in looks, but the overall design is the same. They all resemble different features, and people buy them according to their needs or purposes.

hoverboard is different in terms of design from waveboard

Hoverboards Have Better Balancing Than Waveboards

Both vehicles are different in terms of design and balancing. The Waveboards are very difficult to ride and maintain balance for a rider. Because they work like a skateboard but have only two wheels, that is why it is difficult for the rider to maintain the balance and ride it smoothly and it is almost impossible for a beginner who never rides any skateboard to maintain the balance on Waveboard. A weak or unstable balancing can cause the rider to fall down and get injured.

But, Hoverboards are very good in this aspect. They are self-balancing e-vehicles, which means that they have a feature that maintains the balance between the rider and the wheels according to the road situation.

That is why it is easier to ride a hoverboard. Even a beginner can ride it via learning in a few minutes. The self-balancing feature prevents the rider from falling down while riding and makes the overall riding experience convenient.

So, hoverboards are better than Waveboards in terms of riding experience and balancing. If you are riding a Waveboard, you have to maintain the balance between you and the vehicle on your own. But in a hoverboard, there is no need to worry about it.

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Waveboards Are Safer Than Hoverboards

Safety is something that is “more is less,” and almost all mini-vehicle are not considered good in safety concerns. They all lack safety features because of their advanced design and other features.

However, no vehicle is safe while on the road, and open vehicle riders can get injured by falling down. So, I do not include this in the safety concerns of the hoverboard or Waveboard.

The hoverboards are not considered safe due to their past because there were many incidents of a hoverboard catching fire and exploding were reported in their early days of release. But later, manufacturers have solved these issues, but still, they are not considered safe.

On the other hand, Waveboards are safe because there is no battery or electronics involved in the vehicle, and there is no chance of mishap. But, the rider can still be injured due to a lack of self-balancing technology.

So, the hoverboards are safe if they are not mishandled, and Waveboards are also safe if the rider is skilled enough to ride them.

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Waveboards Are Easy To Handle And Control Than Hoverboards

Both devices are entirely different when it comes to handling or controlling the vehicle while riding.

Hoverboards are very easy to ride; you have to shift your weight toward the desired location, the hoverboard will start moving in that direction automatically.

If you want to go forward or increase the speed, you have to lean forward. And if you want to decrease or stop the hoverboard, you have to lean backward. For turns, you have to shift your body weight on your feet to turn in that direction.

All the hoverboards have pressure sensors and gyroscopes that work jointly to maintain a smooth handling & controlling experience.

The Waveboards are manually operated, but there is no need for a stable push that is needed while riding a skateboard. Instead, the Waveboard is designed in a way that you can speed up the wheels by just your body motions.

You have to move the backward dock in the left-right direction to increase the speed while riding a Waveboard. You can do this because the docks are connected with each other through a Torsion Bar that lets the docks move and rotate freely. 

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Waveboards Have No Speed Limitations

The hoverboards are limited in terms of speed because they are e-vehicles and are dependent on their wheel motor and battery. But Waveboards are not limited in speed because they are manually operated, just like a skateboard.

Different manufacturers make many different hoverboards. They all have some speed limitations; some go up to 20km per hour, and some go up to 15km per hour, depending on the model and the surface. You can say that hoverboards are limited to 12-15km per hour speed.

But on the other hand, Waveboard is manually operated and can go up to 40km per hour as per the condition of the road and the rider’s will. If a rider wants to increase speed, he can do so.

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Waveboards Have No Speed Limitations

Hoverboards Are Expensive As Compared To Waveboards:

Price is the most exciting part of this comparison. Hoverboards are expensive because of their outstanding features. Many companies make them with different features, and you can buy a hoverboard from 200 USD to 700 USD. Their prices depend on their features, size, and efficiency.

Waveboards can be purchased in a reasonable amount between 40 USD to 100 USD.

So, the massive difference between the prices is because of the quality and features. Hoverboards have so many features that a Waveboard doesn’t have. That is why they are expensive and waveboards are not.

Hoverboard Or Waveboard – Which Is Best?

You can see in the above comparison; both devices are different in terms of their size, handling, safety, and prices.

But that doesn’t mean that one is superior to another one. Both are good and best for different purposes and people. For example, if someone is not skilled enough to ride a skateboard or any other manual mini-vehicle, the Hoverboard will be the best vehicle for him.

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So, let’s discuss why you should buy a Hoverboard or Waveboard depending on your purpose and situation.

Why Should You Buy A Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters mostly used by teenagers and young adults to do fun activities outside and inside. They are battery-operated and provide a good battery backup.

If you are looking to buy a mini-vehicle that can be easily driven and can be used both inside or outside your house. In that case, the best option is Hoverboard because new hoverboards are capable of riding inside or outside surfaces while providing a good riding experience.

Why Should You Buy A Hoverboard

Also, if you want a mini-vehicle for your kid or yourself, you both are unaware of any manual-driven mini-vehicle. The Hoverboard will be the best choice for you according to your situation. Because riding it is not a challenging task, you just need to do practice for a few minutes, and you will be able to ride it.

The simplest thing is, anyone can use hoverboards because their riding experience, features, and overall performance is outstanding.

Why Should You Buy A Waveboard?

Waveboards are manually operated mini-vehicles and are an advanced type of skateboard. They consist of only two wheels that can be easily rotated in any direction.

The wheels are very good at taking direction; they easily move by shifting your weight on the board accordingly.

Waveboards are best for people skilled in skateboarding because they are difficult to handle and balance the two wheels. Only a skilled person can enjoy riding the Waveboard.

If you want to upgrade from a skateboard and don’t have much money to spend on the expensive battery-operated mini vehicles, then Waveboards is the best option. Because they are not battery operated, nor do you need to continuously push them with your feet on the ground like a skateboard. But, they are designed in a way that you can ride them with the specific motions of your legs and weight shifting.


Hoverboards and Waveboards are two completely different things. The major difference between them is their technology and their operation.

Waveboards are manually operated but are considered better than skateboards. But on the other hand, hoverboards are battery-operated self-balancing scooters. They are easier to control, and even beginners can easily ride them without spending much time practicing.

I have written a detailed comparison in terms of their design, safety, balancing, handling, control, and speed limitations. I hope you will get all the information that you need. If there is something missing, you can ask me in the comment section below.

I will quickly respond to your query with the most helpful and authentic information.